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Hey Luck bad I just wanted to ask how the amp section of the Big Ego? I know you said the DAC section, without having very resolving gear, is not very noticeable in the differences from the Schiit Bifrost. I Currently use the HE-560 (with some mods) for my desktop and main headphone at home. I have a couple quality IEMs and a more easily driven and portable headphone( full size that is over the ear(Sound Magic HP-150)). So, if you could let me know how it is in comparison...
Do you have the Micro idsd or the nano? And I can understand that, I use the Pb2 most of the time when using portable amp because it sounds really awesome with my he-560s(balanced out) and my Earsonic SM64v2(SE out) but I have also read and heard from peoples whose ears I trust that the Idsd sounds pretty awesome. One of the best DACs heard under 500$
Hey i sent you a question
Am I Able to sign up with the Loaner program? I reside in the United States and agree to the terms listed on the first page of this thread. 
Wanted to ask how the clamping force was on these does it fit larger heads or better for average to small?
Thanks for writing back to me with your impressions, I would not be able to afford the mojo, so that is kind of out of my options. I have read that the e12a is a good amp especially for the price, but if you don't care for the house sound than i can understand why you would not select it. I may just save my money and pick up a headphone and use the pb2 for now and go inside and turn down gain and voltage, because it is very quiet and transparent.
My focus a pads just gave on me finally wearing down to tearing, and I am so bummed because my ears point and are slightly larger than average so they so not fit as well in the other focus pads. As far as personal preference goes I can vouch for the comfort and they sound a bit better to me with the focus a pads.  Man I forgot how well the DX90(lurker firmware) out to the Ibasso pb2 balanced headphone out to my modded he-560's  sounds fantastic. The Ibasso Pb2 really...
This amp would be paired with the DX90(lurker f.w.) Earsonics SM64v2( great ba iem), Fidue A83(great hybrid IEM), and the HP150 from Sound magic(easy to drive full size headphone, the hp100 was a great buy in performance for dollar). I would like the Oppo ha-2 just to have the option to have my phone stacked and beingf able to listen to high quality flac without having to bring the dx90 along all the time. But I also dont know if I will have the 240$ for it, but can more...
Mshenay,  I am almost  100% positive you and I have talked in the Ibasso pb2 thread, and I wanted to ask how you felt the th-x00 paired with the ibasso pb2( now I know the pb2 is fantastic in general, but more of synergy) I was just curious to hear you impressions on the pairing.
Okay if anyone is looking for a portable amp try Meier audio's Before I was having issues with my used and worn meier 2move portable amp/dac I used it line out from my dx 90(for amp only) and plugged in my fidues and was really just thrilled to listen to music and try different tracks with the pairing.  Extremely detailed and musical, and I believe this is from Meier's house sound with his portable amps and from what I have and talked about with other headfiers the 2move...
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