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SO, the Earsonics Sm64 and from first impressions of these to the impressions that I am having with the Fidue's they are both some top notch sounding IEMs in the 500$ limit. Two different signatures, one more neutral, with lighter but punch bass, neutral mids, and bit more treble. The other a bit more bass slam, nice midrange  a bit warmer and lush, treble that is smooth but still has detail. Definitely enjoying both and definitely going to do some a/bing when I get some...
Oh yes, do not get me wrong i just started burning them in and or adjusting to them. They sound really good, but the havi still have a great sound considering the price. I actually love the balance of the fidue and their bass response, fantastic. Mid range is clear and never fatiguing for myself, and i actually think it does this quite well.
So, far I find the DX90 sounds quite good paired with the Fidue A83, and that was my main concern other than if I would enjoy the sound quality/signature. I also have a decent amount of amps to fall back on with some coloration and some neutrality.
haha, Yeah this is the big splurge, only keeping one of the two, and also have sold a lot of my other toys to get these lol.Yeah I usually give myself some time in between listening, but I did not really do that early so I am taking a break now. Also the fit at least for me with some of the silicone tips that come with the A83 I feel like they are decently comfortable and seal well. So maybe my canals and ears are just shaped well for these particular IEMs. Which is always...
I understand that, I am okay with the bit of burn in, and I am actually looking forward to the changes a bit, I am also going to receiving the Earsonics SM64 tomorrow I believe, but i could be wrong because of the holiday today.
Okay so I have been using the A83 for about 4 hours I would say. First I used it with the Dx90 dap, and I heard some initial hiss but now that has faded and have had time to give a first impressions. It sounds very good out of the DX90. Nice neutral and natural sounding mid range, tight and quick bass with more impact than I thought it would have with some music. Good treble extension, and I have been listening for a dip and though If I try I can notice it, it does not...
Update: fidue randomly hanging out next to my garage a few minutes ago will give impressions in a little while
Yeah i know i think it is delivered with ups, and it hasn't even been shipped to my knowledge
yI am currently using the dx 90 With the iBasso PB2 and am getting fantastic results with both my he 560 and my havis.
Man I swear I was suppose to get these on Sat, from one day shipping and now it seems it will be another day passed without any deliveries or anything, though I have to say amazon is really good about making this right so I cannot complain about there customer support in the slightest. Still looking forward in giving these a try
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