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I am now checking out Maria Mena, I am always interested in finding something new and unique to listen to, being that I listen to anything from classic rock- indie-punk- classical- progressive-blue-folk-etc. Would you recommend her for someone that has a wide tastes of music H20?    ON another separate note, damn this thread is getting there as far as posts, I remember back way when months ago when there has a handful of pages. It is definitely deserved, for the price...
Yeah I have just downloaded it with the last couple hours, I have yet to read what changes were made in this f.w.. So I will be reading more about it once I am back home to look up at the differences.
So, I had written a while back, fearing that I had deleted a file or moved one when installing the older Lurker Ibasso firmware. I was unable to do updates and restore the old firmware to try and update that way. I do not know what had happened between then and now, but with the new lurker f.w. the 2.2 version, I was able to update with, and all the issues I was having with the DX90 with those previous errors have been remedied and or removed. So, I am very happy in that...
Haha that was a very honest and true statement, thank you for sharing. I get frustrated at times trying to open family member's or friends minds to different music and I feel like it doesn't work out for me, o well at least my girl is willing to listen to different music and give it  a try.
I used the DX90--Meier 2move(amp section only)---Fidue A83 and that is my main amp with this IEM and it sounds wonderful, I have actually considered getting other Meier portable amplifiers just to see if this is a trend and could find something that would sound even better. I use the PB2 with the SM64v2 when I am not using it straight with the DX90. Both amps have great sound quality and both amps are relatively versatile. 
Yeah that is how I feel as well, between the fidue a83 and sm64 v2 I am very content with them as far as Portable high fi. And the meier 2 move with dx90 as a source sounds great, and the dx90 being used as dac and amp has great synergy with the sm64. As far as desktop gear I sold most if it except the audio-gd NFB 28 which a balanced all In one and a a great amplifier for the modded he-560 whicheck is my go to desktop headphone
Man, all I can say is I have not been using my Fidue's due to always being on the go with med appointments, tests, and daughter being in pre-k, but let me say I just listened to them for like 4 hours straight via the DX90-Meier 2move combo... such a good buy for 300$ or under. Really top notch between bass and low end extension to detail retrieval and just a tonality that I have not enjoyed so much in many of the full size headphones I have used and or owned. 
Hey I do not have a lot of time(in doctors office) and I was wondering if anyone has paired the HP200 with the DX90 and had positive results? I know the DX90 maybe isn't warm enough with the HP200, but honestly I would not know being that I have never listened to the HP200 only the HP100. I also have the Meier 2move, iBasso PB2, and Bluebird ws 1.2 for portable amps. The first two I listened to are on lower gain settings due to the Fidue A83 and Earsonics SM64 v2 that are...
I am a current owner of the HE-560(it is my primary headphone) and I know I would be thrilled to try a high end headphone such as this HE-1000   I am from Connecticut, United States
I honestly believe any fellow headfier that is looking for an IEM at the time of this sale, owes it to themselves and all the previous and current owner's of the Fidue A83 to purchase this IEM as soon as funds allows it. These are much higher quality as far as construction, aesthetics, and most importantly sound quality at the great sale of 200$. I am in a bind of not being able to sell either the SM64 v2 and or the Fidue A83, because they both sound fantastic with what...
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