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Coming from the HD600s,. I can say that are a great headphone especially when on can find them around 200$-300$, as well as the Dt880/990, AKGs, etc. But I will say that it took me more than a few minutes to realize, for myself, that the HE-560 is a completely good upgrade to the HD600s. It has speed, which sound great with some music genres. Better sound stage with my grill modded version, better detail retrieval, tighter and more precise sounding low end. Airy and...
those look exactly like the tips I am using for the Rhapsodio RD2, well the black and clear ones at leasty. same shape though. 
I wanted to try out the lurker fw, and I have been having a hard time installing it on my DX90. I think it may be my file extraction tools. I am not sure. But I was bummed because I did want to hear any difference I may of heard, and get rid of somethings I do not use.
Oo okay I know what you are talking about there is other things used by other IEMs to keep the shape, this is just a wire for the A83, no problemo. I understand you prefer the sony ones? and or the clones? I do not mind non foam just seem to fit me better for some reason. Big canals? who knows. I definitely agree about the ER4s/pt earphones they are a essential tip imo. I really did enjoy the ER4 IEMs
Memory wire? I will look it up, I have only had experience in some tips because of the fact that I am reltively newer to IEMs, especially ones in the above 200$+ I currently Used a havi b3, will those tips fit the A83, do you know? and what size does the comply tips need to be?
Just a question if the tips that come with this package with the Fidue do not work for me what are some decent foam tips that work with the A83's nozzle?
I will be able to give some impressions of the A83 on Monday, going to give it a go and see how it fairs with the amps I am using etc. Also going to grab a SM64 it finances permit and compare the two later on to see how the difference in signature works for me. Can always return one or sell it, so we will see. 
Vlad i have heard the a83 is similar in sound to the t70, and i wanted to know if you knew if that was accurate i
 Why No, way. ?
I had the RE-400 and it was pretty good considering the price. I would consider the RE-600, I am looking at the Noble 4 right now because from how people describe it may of some tonality that is similar to the HE-560
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