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I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me if the Fiio e12a matches up to the jds labs c5 amp. I have read in here that the c5 has better balance. But was hoping someone has done some comparisons. I am on the verge of a purchase and I am up in the air between E12a, JDS C5, and a used oppo ha2 for the potential use with my phone(normally use dx90 with fidue a83s and earsonics sm64v2)
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Hey I currently Use the DX90 and have owned and used the cayin c5 paired with this DAP, and I can say it had positive results with the HD600s I use to have and the ZMF x Vibros ortho headphones I owned, and even with my HE-560 it drove them to a solid point. I am not sure about the 600ohm but I know the HD600s should be A OK. This is a very good sounding amplifier main reason I sold was because I was in desperate need of cash due to being out of work. I also own a meier...
Hey I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a portable amp to pair with the HP-150s. I am going to be receiving them after the weekend I believe. I have the HE-560 modded for my desktop open back headphone but I wanted a full size for when away from the desk to pair with my DX90 dap and amplifier. I dont have a ton to spend on an amp but still anything sub 200 $ would be appreciated.
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Hey Guys, long time no talk via forums, I just wanted to check up on the A83 forums and also wanted to ask for assistance with a cable replacement for fidue a83 there has been some imbalance and distortion and I am 99.9 percent sure it is the cable. Now as far as price the cheaper the better but nothing that isnt at least solid quality, and I am willing to get a better cable as well. I know there has been mention via this forum because I have read the majority of this...
I am now checking out Maria Mena, I am always interested in finding something new and unique to listen to, being that I listen to anything from classic rock- indie-punk- classical- progressive-blue-folk-etc. Would you recommend her for someone that has a wide tastes of music H20?    ON another separate note, damn this thread is getting there as far as posts, I remember back way when months ago when there has a handful of pages. It is definitely deserved, for the price...
Yeah I have just downloaded it with the last couple hours, I have yet to read what changes were made in this f.w.. So I will be reading more about it once I am back home to look up at the differences.
So, I had written a while back, fearing that I had deleted a file or moved one when installing the older Lurker Ibasso firmware. I was unable to do updates and restore the old firmware to try and update that way. I do not know what had happened between then and now, but with the new lurker f.w. the 2.2 version, I was able to update with, and all the issues I was having with the DX90 with those previous errors have been remedied and or removed. So, I am very happy in that...
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