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Crap some how i miss what you said about quality of sound my mistake
Clieos i know you have had too much on your plate to listen thoroughly. But do you think sonically it is just the same as tr ud110?
Epically put good sir, a sense a forlorn without one's soul mate
How many gb's does the J3 have
I really like this headphone but I need portability given the upcoming months. It is honestly one of the best headphones I have listened to and a match for other headphones like HD600s, Soundmagic HP200s, Q701, etc. I think this is a good price. They are great condition other than a small indent on the right cup. Very small and does not effect performance. Only taking serious offers, and it is 110 shipped or 100 plus shipping,  Up to the buyer.   Willing to ship...
Does anyone know the differences between these two mods   Is one dual mono chips and the other a is a single dual opamp? Will they both work with M-stage in the same way of installation? Sorry for all the questions I have been searching and could not find my answer and wrote Tam's audio last night but...
Yeah I figured I think a warm one would go well too with the HD600s, but that also depends on kind of sound you are looking for. I am interested in where would be a safe and more affordable place to buy the 4562na? because I found the bias mod and opa627 chips together for 30 at tams audio. I was just wondering since I never messed with op amps and am still learning. I think when the time comes I may get both and try them both out to see which i prefer.
Do you think this op amp would sound nice with the hd600s? and you do not need a bias mod with this or anything just the one lm4562na ? Thanks for your suggestion.
If you are looking for another headphone, and or are interested then yest I think you would enjoy them. I know for myself the signatures are very different, the DT880s has better bass extension and tighter control as well as slightly more brightness in the top end. Where the HD600s have a bit more intimate mid range, a bit wider stage, but do not get confused both these headphones are great all across the spectrum. 
You too, yes I ended up selling my other phones, and got some affordable IEMs, because I could not justify owning more than a couple headphones when all I listened to was the DT880s and my beloved HD600s. Great pair to have, and in my short experience they sound great from each amp I try with them, they both sound fantastic on the Fournier HTA-2  and the M-stage.
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