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O so good with man of steel jsut downloaded that one last week
HAH you and I my friend have good tastes, listening to last samurai and just got done with the trilogy
Oh I ended up sending to anyone interested usually I do but at the time of posting did not have picture available. It is a modest dink so it sold. Thanks for the tip though
Hm I found one on mouser, but it is not the same chip I think LM4562NA/NOPB that is what it is written as and the one I am looking for is unavailable there, this one being from TI
So, I just realized the LM4562 is only ten dollars with free shipping... not bad not bad. I am going to Purchase one soon, I really wanted to purchase one but with my girls car starter going just after replacing the tires, and then insurance trying not to cover all of my physical therapy for the blood clot i have been dealing with for 5 months.. .I take that back I willl not be getting the LM4562 for a long while. Which sucks but I cannot really do anything about it. I...
Yeah I have looked at your budget list once before and there are some good dacs on that list.  You should add the CDAC+ under the 200 dollar list because I owned that and it was fantastic for 125$. Really, granted the UD110 v1/2 was not far off which just kind of blows through having to pay money to get quality sound.
See I like that, I definitely feel Like I would like both quite a bit, I know currently the HD600 is my favorite headphone I have used, which partial to the different genre jumping, and it's ability to play back audio from each genre and make it sound like it was made for that style of sound. I also have gotten use to the clamp on my big head, and having the right sitting position helps, and got a nice sleeve cable with a 1/4 jack on it which I wanted because of my amps.   Also if you are ordering in the US they have a Oregon Location that ships out faster for US customers,
O you are talking about the android specfic ones that are 48khz and 16 bit from Hifimediy and yes those are suppose to be good for the price, imo easier to find than the UD110 v2 , but I believe the UD is a better DAC, in my comparisons with other DACs I did not find it far behind the ODAC in sound quality. But the Sabre android DAC and or the Sabre mini( which is a standard usb plug type fo teh android Sabre dac but it is also able to work with android with the adapter to...
if you can find one stoner's UD110 V2 is android compatible with many devices most for that matter. The new UD120 is compatible only through UAPP application because of it's higher bit and resolution I believe. I do not think the sabre dac is compatible.
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