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This is a great portable amplifier for the price. Can drive anything from sensitive IEMs to orthodynamics like the HE-560/ZMF x Vibros to dynamic higher impedance headphones. And it does so well, the bass boost is probably one of the best I have heard on a amplifier under 500$. It is sleek and has the capability to be used as a battery pack for devices via micro usb out. It is in good condition 8/10 being used but well cared for with not scratches or blemishes that I can...
From what have read many people find the strap more comfortable, I do for example. But if you like the extra cushion then that makes sense. 
I am so jelly of you, ...Errr......I want to know what is it 200$ to upgrade the normal Vibro to the Blackwood?
Yeah I was surprised by the bass in the Fidue A83. But I will be short on this and say though the SM64 does not need an amp with 98ohms impedance, it does definitely improve sound quality. The SM64 paired with the Ibasso PB2 is phenomenal sounding(also the Sm64's fit is perfect for my ear shape). The Fidue a83 can be used not problems via DX90 and sound great but the sound I am looking for I pair it with the Meier 2move for best sonic results in the midrange and bass...
That is good, dx50 should sound good with either one of these IEMs, I would think. Anyways No problem on the advice, this is just my impressions and take on what I hear with my ears. Though I think I am pretty good at hearing what;s meant to be heard. Let me know what you go with and how you like it in comparison with the ASG 2
Also nehcrow if you would not mind what DAP and or portable amp are you using as your main? Just because that also may help in me giving you advice on what I would pick if I was looking for a good pairing.
Well, I have read the ASG-2 is a bassier IEM? would that be an accurate conclusion?If you your intention is for an alternative pairing with more differences than similarities from the ASG then I would probably suggest the Fidue, the SM64 a bit more fun and bassy with great midrange and signature(but warmer overall signature, perhaps close to the ASG2, which my friend who owns both prefer the SM64 sound quality over the ASG 2.) Buy the fidue if you would like a bit more...
Okay, so firstly I have hit an aw struck moment with the SM64/DX90 combination last night and I wanted to share my experience as it has kind of left me awe-struck.    The track is a indie-folk song from one of my favorite ep's around in the genre, the Woman King ep from Iron and wine, sounds breath taking to say the least with the Sm64 and dx90 paired, so please if you are a fan of indie-folk or iron and wine in general I highly recommend listening to this ep through. It...
Yeah actually I tend not to use it now because of it having to be turned up that much more that when I switch it off it is a decent volume louder, small quibble but all things considered. grade a dap
O yeah I got it out as soon as  I posted actually. I am really digging the sound
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