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Okay so Update:   The He-560 IMO, is probably one of the best open back headphones to pair with the ZMF X Vibro. They compliment each other very well. Man oh man if anyone is looking for a portable amp to drive either the ZMF X Vibros or the HE560 with detail, bass impact and precision, staging and most importantly authority/synergy. The Cayin C5 portable headphone amp is the way to go period. I mean I have used the JDS Labs C5, cmoybb with upgraded lm4562 opamp, Meier...
I have my PanAm out of the 47 ohm jack which was recommended both by GO and this thread, and the volume on the GO1000 is at 100% supposedly best way to acheive bit perfect?  so I then find the right volume on the dedicated amp. That is usually how I do but not sure if that is the best way to go about it, but it seems to work well for me
Aw I thought you were talking about the A28 my mistake, which one was for sale in the forums. I think I am back to looking at the 10.33 and NFB28 from audio-gd.
Aw thanks so much man, Well this is still an option I suppose then to grab I am up between this, Yulong a28 amp( suppose to have a very good sound with He560s) and the MjoInir
Actually I have been looking at audio-gd stuff too but I do not know the best option for amp/dac with xlr balanced headphone jack to save for. well that is under 1k
Well I was looking at some audi gd stuff
Does the yulong a18 have to have a balanced source to be used or does it have rca inputs in back too?
It is funny that you said that because I have been talking to jeremy for a week or two about my options with going the Garage1217 route. he is a great guy and I am really wanting to try either the ember, andor the polaris. How is the polaaris have you tried it? I have heard good things, and that it can power the he5650 no problems.
Can anyone comment on the balanced section of the Audio gd 10se amp section? I know it has 2 sabre DACs at least the model I was looking at
Aw bummer, well I mean I can always try for the Phoenix or the MjoInir for my HE-560
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