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The Matrix M-stage that I am using with teh HD600s for everyday listening. Bringing out the Fournier with the 57 RCA tubes for when I want an amazingly lifelike and clean presentation. I ordered a new opamp and it was supposedly from an american source but now it coming from Chinca, which I am disappointed to say the least. So, I tried out the relatively inexpensive NE5532 while I have to wait for the LM4562 and the LME49990x2 come. It was very surprising that is sounded...
Dude I am not ordering from Tam's audio again, I have written a ton of enquiries about products then after an order wrote more and not one replied, then I had to wait 4 days to chip a single chip and it is coming from China not Chicago, I think that there should be a status saying this chip currently ships from China so a wait will be required. And a single answer for all my questions would of sufficed.
How is the UD120 not that you have had more time with it Clieos ? I am currently listening to a pair of tenore with the ud110v1 on my girl's pc and it sounds really good these IEMs paired with the UD110 go really well together. 
Wow that sounds awesome then because I think as far as in ear the Tenore does fairly well with staging. I definitely want to give one a go. 
Have you tried the Zero Audio Basso or Tenore ? and do you think they are on par with the Havi's ? I wanted to know because I have the Zero Audio Tenore and it is a great IEM, like blue me away when first listening to it, I cam from the EX10S and had just tried the RE-400.
I can vouch for the NVX EX10S as well, and though I prefer the Carbo Tenore to it that does not mean it is not a great value for the price tag.
Sorry D I did not see this until now, and it is a Japanese brand, but they do have them on ebay from different sellers, and other headfiers where do you live. I heard that the GR07 is a very good phone if at times a bit bright and or sharp. The Tenore I have been using two days straight, honestly it is the quality of a full size with a smaller price tag and packaging. To the point where I too a break from the HD600s(granted that I will always go back but/...still...
The fournier being a hybrid with tubes you can roll you would think would sound more warm, but I believe has a pretty solid state feel in the sense of detail retrieval, and a relatively neutral tone. Now it does sound completely different from other solid states, being that it is  a hybrid it may be the most enjoyable amp I have listened to, where everything played through takes a life like quality of presentation. The sound stage is not very wide but very deep and does...
I had the Vali and have the HD600s, and they do sound very good together, I ended up selling the Vali preferring the Fournier HTA-2 hybrid with the HD600s. Sounds so good in the morning when I am trying to wake with my Man of Steel soundtrack from Hans zimmer
I know I have read for soundtrack that the bassos would sound great, giving it a nicer staging and probably some depth. That probably goes for movies as well. AS far as coldplay I would have no idea, and granted this is just on what I read but I did watch some movies with the Tenores and it sounded great a long with hans zimmer(I have all of his music that I could find) and I do have parachutes by coldplay which sounded great as well.
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