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When Lurkers fw is installed correctly does in system info does it say model: dx90L2?  I am not sure if I did this right
That is strange when I went to order from them not too long ago it did not give me the option to ship to the US but only china. Things like the cables and other accessories had the option of being shipped to the US. but not the Ibasso pb2
also any suggestions on upgrades for buffer chips? I would appreciate any advice on that, or if you feel like they are not worth upgrading, please let me know your guys subjective opinions on this   Also I will let you know how the LME49710's sound with the pb2
Yeah I would suggest the Pb2 to be honest if you could find it, because the unit sounds fantastic and has plenty of power and current for the ZMF x Vibros, which are a less neutral but maybe equally good sound quality to the Alpha's plus require the same power roughly, and sounds great even with the stock opamps and buffers. But I would think the Alo Audio RX MKll would sounds very good and would be enough to power the Alphas well I would think. I know though that the...
as a Fellow DX 90 and He560 owner, I can agree thatit can be used but I Feel m ore power is required For the 560 to Sound Fantastic, like with the lyr...good tastes you have Sir
Sounds good, I ordered some 49710s that were on sale, was lookning for the 49990s on the adapter to 8pin that I had installed in both my cmoy bb, blue bird, and m-stage.
Yeah between the FIdue A83, as a hybrid, the SM64 as a BA and the Havi B3 as a dynamic I am set for now with IEMs for a while. I am actually looking at getting a custom cable for the SM64 ending into the PB2 6pin balanced male plug. Does anyone know the name of the kind of cable the two prong cable that goes into the SM64 is called? The Sm64 and Fidue A83 have to be some of the best sounding IEMs you can get under 500$. THe A83 is a bit more upfront with it's details and...
Also, from what I am seeing via this thread that it is okay to install two Dual OPA LM4562's for example instead of 4 LME 49710s? I believe that would be fine as long as I plugged them into the right place on the dip8 slots. 
Okay serious  question to those PB2 owner's that have had more time with their PB2 balanced amplifier. Now from what I am seeing on the specs that it uses for single or mono opa chips? not dual opa's? along 4 buffers? I am wanting to know to see what kind of OPA chips I can buy to roll with. I have used the OPA604 and the 797s 
Dude, I know we just met, but can I move in with you . That is awesome. I was building my own collection up before i got the blood clot that was pretty bad in my left lower leg. I ended up having to sell a lot of me gear because of it. But I still have my HE-560s/ ZMF x Vibros, Earsonics SM64(great pairing with the DX90 imo), Fidue A83, etc, and a bunch of portable amps along with my Audio Gd NFB28 balanced unit. I am thinking about trying out a project ember to use with...
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