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Zanke I would suggest if it is in your budget, to try something like the Vali/Vali 2, Audio GD makes fantastic DACs/Amps but I do not think I have listened to the NFB11, I own currently the balanced NFB28(great unit for orthos) but as for the HD600s I would suggest the Vali 2 paired with the ODAC/Modi 2/CDAC+. Other amps I would use with the HD600s would be the ALO Panam(no longer made but on the forums from time to time) Keces I heard paired well like one was saying. If...
I have read from a few different sources and on Bottleheads own product page that the S.E.X. 2.1 Kit  is really good pairing for a lot of ortho's( and from a different thread and forum) read about some great success with the HE-560. As well as the Torpedo 3 I believe which is another DIY that punches hard for the Value it gives
Yes I agree it is a brighter headphone, in the upper midrange and lower treble, but like you said it does change over time and use, not even just brain burn in, the headphone I feel adjusts from use to give it an energetic but mostly neutral signature, and I also listen to it flat no eq( where as when I had the HP100( put a couple hundred hours on it I did the same eqed for a while then eventually no longer needed it). Also the Fiio E12a (better opamps and buffers, IMO,...
It is thinner than something like the Oppo PM-3 but I would not say it is recessed mid range is slightly but nothing huge, and still has good tone and neutrality with decent imaging, good detail. It is a fantastic headphone at the price. 
Part of why amazon put the X2 under investigation, the ones they were selling anyways( which Had tons of complaints and returns)
My wife is watching over my shoulder as we speak to make sure that I write and send this post.... She loves this headphone for her gaming and her light music listening. Great seal and isolation(my words not hers) She recommends(some words, vulgar words, more words) 
Both are laid back and have nice detail and midrange, if you have a good performing amp the HD650 scales well a bit better from my experience than the HD600s(the HD600s sounded very good with solid state or tube)
I have done this actually when switching pads, my wife yelled at me, "turn your speakers down babe". Then She looked over and I got smacked upside the head(after the removal of headphones, my wife has a unique respect for anything expensive).  I really wonder how good the Magni 2u with the H10 with V5 opamp upgrade. I wanted if it would out punch the NFB28 I have from Audio GD. I am considering getting another amp again to give different signature and flavor to the HE-560...
If that is the higher model using same dac chip,then yes I believe so as far as Kingwa is concerned I had a long chain of email's corresponding about the differences as far as tonality, detail, power of some of his different mid-fi to higher-fi( ...higher fi idk) units. Where he explained what he could about the differences and also which units in his mind and using his ears, are better than others.
I want to mention some other options if you are open too them. First, I agree the Gustard H10 would be a good pairing with a solid DAC, you want a good source for the HE-560 from my own experiences, it brings the best out of the HE-560. I Currently use the Audio GD NFB28, which is a balance unit(with single ended headphone out as well), puts out about 8 watts via balanced into 40ohms I believe. This unit in particular uses a sabre dac very well implemented so that the...
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