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No you get higher volumes, the differences is when pairing with the right portable amplifier that can put out decent voltage and power into lower resistance( impedance) will help bring the sound quality up and out, show you more of what the mad dogs are capable of as far impact, detail, and or resolution. If you are pairing with the Fiio X1, and are going to use an amp I would suggest the Fiio e12A which surprisingly can power up the other ortho's that I owned well enough...
I have not had the issue either SSL, coming from the DT990  then DT880 at one point prior to this headphone. So, it could be very well that we are immune so to speak, or not hearing this because of our previous experiences with brighter and depending on source and amp, harsher headphones. 
A friend of mine upgraded to the Velvets, and he said it was  great investment because it took the things he like and enjoyed with the SM64 and just made it better. Great midrange, nice bass and low end presence, and detail without sounding focused only on the details. Hope that helps
If you can pair these with the Ibasso PB2( LME49710 opamps and dummy buffers) or something with detailed, fast, and balanced amp and it really brings out the best of these IEMs from my experiences. I use the Meier 2Stepdance and the iBasso PB2.
From  a friend on HF I talked to and also a review I read as well, the Omni has more midrange presence and a very likeable mid range. Good speed and detail retrieval with a decent sound stage for a semi-open headphone are also qualities I have read it possessed. I will be receiving a model for review and test some time in february and will let you know how I feel it is in comparison to my HE-560's. Btw I know my friend had kept the Omni after and sold the he-560, he said...
I really wish the Burson V5's were not so tall and large, I would love to use them in my PB2 when I would get the money for them, currently I am using 4x LM49710  opamp and the dummy buffers. Pairing this with the iBasso DX90 and the Oppo PM-3 has been a delight thus far.
I would have to agree for me as well, my Focus A pads are worn through and had to put back the focus pads( which my bigger than average ears do not prefer) also Prefer the sound differences of the focus A pads, felt more spacious, easier to pick out detail for me as well as less harsh.
I use it with the HE-560 and have not heard any brightness which I was very surprised because of the DAC used in other DAC's/amps I have used I did feel it a brighter combo. The LCD-2 is a bit darker, but I can say I feel the NFB28 is a neutral unit with a smooth sound to it. I do not feel it being bright or warm from my own experiences and perhaps your headphones you get a different sound with your NFB28, it is more than possible.  I am also comparing this to tube hybrids...
You should take this down now, my fellow NFB28 owner. lol
I just saw you post about the NFB28 with your LCD 2, and I do not feel like back paging to see about the other ones, I am just going to ask if you feel like I was right about the NFB28 not being bright? and having a balanced full sound but still bring out good detail retrieval? I hope you are liking it please feel free to pm me with your impressions and how it driving your Hp's if you have already answered this from someone else. Hope you are liking the sound, I am testing...
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