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The Go1000 is the better amp honestly, it has more power, not by too much but I think it is a fantastic class a amp at that size and price. I love it, and i mean love it with the ZMF X Vibro. More than the PanAm, Cayin C5, JDS Labs C5, more than the Meier 2Move(love that amp), it is really a good sounding amp, very detailed and energetic, this being balanced with the ZMF X Vibros own lush mids, musicality makes for a fantastic pairing. I think ZxV owners would appreciate...
Yep. agreed 100% that is how I listen to mine 1 out on each cup, and it sounds fantastically musical, I am gettin a balance cable with some extensions from Zach this next week. Also will be putting out my review this weekend if work permits it. Then will do some updates if I feel the new cable with balanced end and the balanced amp makes a difference in sound quality to me. I will hopefully get that out by the weekend after the comparisons that is. 
Yeah I will I have a Charleston Cable Company "audiophile" balanced cable, along with the extensions to 1/4 and 1/8 from my friend that I got the HE-560 from, awesome cable. So I figure since I am getting a cabl sent from Zach from ZMF as a new cable he is making with balanced end. I will be using the balanced jack exclusively, and that makes me happy to hear. That you think it has a good sound, I heard it has good speed, dynamics, and power via balanced jack
Yeah I saw your other post to me, I hope that Ilike the pairing I am planning on using it via balanced jack, and also planning on getting a hybrid/tube amp or a slightly warmer solid state that has balanced to pair with it when I want variety but I will see.
I really can appreciate the last part about being able to get a nice value with gear that doesn't cost 1000$ and with a more expensive headphone and still getting a great sound and chemistry between the two, both the 300$ Geek out1000 and the amp from the Alo PanAm sound amazing with the HE-560 Do I think that the headphones only get better with better gear, yes of course, do I think one needs a 1000 dollar amp to enjoy the HE-560, most definitely no. I have not heard LCD3...
I happy you wrote me, thanks i appreciate the bit of impressions you can give, I happy to like neutral sound, so in regards to that do you think I would like the pairing? I also heard that the HE500 is awesome with it.
Aw sweet that is what I wanted to hear, I mean I have heard from my friend Zach that is sounds good with my closed back ZMF X Vibros and I was just mostly worried becasue I did not know how it sounded with some of the HE560/he6/he400i Granted they are all different but I have a better feeling knowing you liked them with your models. 
Hey I wanted to ask if anyone in this thread has used the HE-560 with the NFB 28 and had good results with synergy? I am ask because I am a HE-560 owner and wanted to see if this is a good unit for AMP and DAC under 1000$
Has anyone in this thread used the HE-560 with the balanced dac/amp Audio-gd NFB28?
Yeah I agree, because I power it welll with the Cayin C5, for listening around the house it sounds really nice. And get up there in detail and punch with this portable amp and iPod. What do you recommend for an amp with the HE560 TM?
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