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Yeah the ZxV with radiohead is definitely magical, and it pairs nice  with the lyr?
Hey how does it sound with the Lyr 2? or 1?
Wanting to buy a balanced headphone amp the iBasso PB2, being that it can drive the balanced cabled HE-560s I own well. Please message me an offer and I am in the states
Figures just my luck lol anyways i have an update of zmf x vibro with.the hybrid cable i purchased from zach, i think i may of gotten the first one tbh. Im not sure but as update with any improvements with the cable and also how the ZxV sounds with fully balanced dac and amp along with comparison of geekout 1000 and then the cayin c5 paired with the go 1000. That will be edited into my review of zxv
How much is the cable You paired with it? Im interested in having it sound its best also since zach and i have some of the same gear
No You will not suffer from treble brightness with the ZxV in my own thoughts i like both brighter and darker treble. I like musicality of the ZxV as much ad much the dynamic,detail of my modded he560s. Are both my favorite headphones
I too wouldlike to hear what mods You have created and what impact it has had on the he560
Were you saying you were not overly fond of the Vahalla 2, but the MjoInir is something you consider a very good buy becasue it competes with some more expensive tube amps you like? I am overtired so honestly just curious. Dod upi try try the MjoInir with the HD600s?
I actually turned it arouind and really checked it out, and realized no go off the bat. It can be used as a preamp which is too bad because that would be a nice feature.,
Good point, about the Vali and the Vahallal, forgot you wanted a very neutral sound. Yeah the o22 in some of the custom casin that Audio poutine(cdac+ builder) is pretty beautiful work. The Cdac+ is kind of like a wire DAC where you have it in the background of your amp whatever that may be. Yea the NFB28 definitely is a solid buy but if you do not need all the connectivity there are others out there. I, myself, am looking for a warmer unit to pair with the NFB for when I...
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