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I am a little hesitant because I am not experiencing any problems with mine so far, and the update removes the ability to use awesomefier, which I use quite often and love it. What is your take on that?
Well Guys the email for the new firmware is here, just received it in the email for the link for the support page. Anyone gone ahead and install it yet?
Well.... I do not like it! lol, I really do love the Awesomefier with the ZMF X Vibro. Do i have to update?  if I do not then I will probably wait for you guys to to report back on the FW and if it made a difference with sq(which I already think is top notch for price) and then go from there.
This is for the JDS Labs, which is one of the better portable amps I think I have used, better than a lot of portable amps that are price higher, with a clean and detail sound, able to power IEMs and full size headphone alike. being sold for 140 shipped, this is roughly what I got it for but I also paid shipping. Send pm if questions, and this amp has been used very few times due to selling my iems, and my Tenores breaking.
I do not know if I even want to update the FW, becasuse I actually use the Awesomefier a lot. I do not have any issues with the volume on the unit, from what I can tell, but if there is a sound quality difference I would like to hear it....what to do I have no idea.
I am selling the recently purchased T70p I had bought from another headfier who has only used them 20 or so hours, and I happen to love these headphones but need an open headphone. They are in great condition and will be shipped priority. I will put pictures up tomorrow after work, and along with the HD600s I am selling will put some better ones of that headphone. Pm if interested 
So I take it no FW update yet? I went on the site but could not find anything new. 
Thanks koolas, I have a couple of tubes from Joedoe coming to give a listen, but if non of them take, and after I get done paying for my car repairs, I am going to jump on a pair of these. Have you heard this years production? I wonder if it is brighter like yours and I am okay with brighter amps with the Vibros, because it gives it that detail up top and that is always nice.  Also has anyone paired this sucker with the He560 ? Has anyone used the HE-560 with the PanAm ?
This is in good condition with only the headband cushion needing replacement as it is flattened out. It has both the stock cable and an after market cable from Venus Audio that has higher quality in both build and sound(cleaner sound from what I was experience with the stock). I think this a great headphone and want somebody to have it that is going to enjoy it. Shipping is 10 dollars and is priority 2 day. Pm with questions
How do  you feel about the clamping force and weight of the LCD 2 ? I am interested in demoing one with my PanAm, tried contacting a coouple place to pay for the shipping to demo and or sample one. 
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