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I do not believe he has an upgrade service intact yet with the lower to mid end models he has. to this one. I think he would like to implement something like that eventually, but I am pretty sure it has not happened yet.
if my finger tip affects the sound through my grill modded HE-560 then I can see how the wires in front of the driver and behind the grill can make difference sonically. Have you tried pushed them down. And if so have you noticed differences sonically, and or good or bad changes to the sound?  How is the revision/edit of the Bill-P amp going ? any news and how much watts and voltage were you putting in with the amp you built at 50ohms?
Thank you for the write back, it is appreciated. 
Just letting anyone know that may be interested in the GeekOut 1000 I have a lightly used one, that is only a couple months old that I am going to be putting up for sale. For around 240$ plus shipping.
does anyone know how this unit sound with the iBasso DX90? I have been wanting to try these IEMs for a while but did not want to if they would not pair well with DX90
Yeah I meant to pm you actually I apologize. I had not slept the night before
Unfortunately that is the price we pay when we become invested in this hobby, but this retails brand new for over twice your offer, and the unit looks new, this is a good grab. And honestly for 85$ your are not going to find something that sounds better for as far as a DAP
That is good news thanks for the write about it. I wanted to ask if you have heard the DX90 and if you feel the price is justified in comparison to this. I am currently using a rockboxed ipod 5.5 and have been trying to find out as much as I can to see if it is audibly much improvement over the  ipod with flacs that I have 
I have not used a black dragon cable, but I did go from the stock to a Charlston Cable Company cable, balance 4 pin with extensions to 1/4 and 1/8 plugs. It made a difference and the quality is just nicer in general. Stick could be worse for a stock cable that is for sure. Let me know what you end up going with, also I have not used the WA7 but I have used the ALO PanAm, out of the NFB 28, but mostly I prefer the power, speed, and detail of the Audio-gd nfb 28 via balanced...
New Posts  All Forums: