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I can second that opinion the Vai paired with the HD600 is a very nice enjoyable sound. Definitely one of the better pairings for an amp under 150 with the hd600s
I was about to say when I head the HE-500 it had a very pleasant and enjoyable midrange. Now the HE-560( modded with focus a pads, grill mod, balanced upgraded cable) has a slight recession in comparison but to be honest to it is very slight, and the midrange is still very enjoyable where as the tonality of my he-560 is fantastic. The HD600 was good headphone especially for the price I do not feel I enjoyed it more than my HE-560, I cannot argue if I did or not with the...
Wait so the exotic wood you received was not a bought headphone? But for reviews? That is cool looks fantastic from the picture you linked, am I understanding this correctly? Also what we're some of the differences in presentation to the blackwoods
Nevermind went back about  6 pages and found that it is red sandalwood. I did not see any exotic woods on the website so I did not know he had any available.
Which wood did you get? Blackwood? with which finish?
 I am not sure if the NFB28 would be a big upgrade or more of a side grade from your bifrost and lyr 2.
Well, if this is any indication though I did do some A Bing between the two and noticed the heavier Omni had softer padding and it's own kind of comfort compared to the lighter and very comfortable HE-560. I believe the He-560 is a bit more easier to wear for extended periods especially if someone has weaker neck and shoulders( thankfully I do not have neither of those). I prefer the depth and padding of the Omni cups and pads( lambskin).      I have not put the HE-560 on...
So, Impressions... where to I begin, well let me say that when these( walnut Omni with Lambskin pads via balance 4 pin cable) arrived I was thrilled to plug them in. Now, I have a grill modded which I use focus a pads normally( right now they need to be replace so using focus pads) and it is paired with a Charleston cable company balanced cable which is very nice and goes for close to 175 I believe. These things all did wonders for the spaciousness and width of openness...
Zanke I would suggest if it is in your budget, to try something like the Vali/Vali 2, Audio GD makes fantastic DACs/Amps but I do not think I have listened to the NFB11, I own currently the balanced NFB28(great unit for orthos) but as for the HD600s I would suggest the Vali 2 paired with the ODAC/Modi 2/CDAC+. Other amps I would use with the HD600s would be the ALO Panam(no longer made but on the forums from time to time) Keces I heard paired well like one was saying. If...
I have read from a few different sources and on Bottleheads own product page that the S.E.X. 2.1 Kit  is really good pairing for a lot of ortho's( and from a different thread and forum) read about some great success with the HE-560. As well as the Torpedo 3 I believe which is another DIY that punches hard for the Value it gives
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