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Yeah I have seen one or two and the last one I saw is the one I had bought thankfully got a nice fully balanced DAC and Amp for under 600$, especially with a good sabre dac and that it has the power to drive the hardest to drive headphones. I am very happy with this set up to be honest it ended my searching and experimentation with desktop gear. Then the dx90 and Ibasso pb2 ended my portable solution. 
Well I have never compared the IE8 and the A83, but I have used the IE80 and currenty own the Fidue a83. The Fidue A83 is more detailed, has more natural timbre and tonality, not as bassy but probably has more accurate bass than the IE80. The IE80 is one of the best IEMs I had used up till I received the SM64 and the Fidue A83. The IE80 is very enjoyable and though it is bassy it still has a great sound stage and sounds nice and clear. The A83 has great bass extension and...   Link for 2x national semiconductor LM49710s(you need to purchase two of the x2 for the Ibasso pb2 if you are new to opamp rolling.
So this is an update of the installation and daily use of the LM49710's equipped inside the PB2. I will say that at first, I loved the sound, and now...still do. Lol, they have a very immersive sound is as best as I can describe not really warm more neutral sounding, but not neutrality to the point of sterile, very life like sound when installed in the PB2 and paired with the dx90 and the Fidue A83 and SM64 v2. Both A83 hyrbrid IEMs and the SM64 3 with their ba drivers...
I will give you my opinion on the A83 and I listen to a lot of instrumental, folk, stringed instruments, indie, prog, alternative, etc. I think this is fantastic for hearing ever instrument and detail, a long with a great tonality for the music and natural sound is what I perceive to be one of the a83's major strengths.
I actually would really like to try the Dunu 2000 just to hear it, I wonder if anyone wants to trade to listen to the fidue a83 or the RD2 from rhapsodio and then trade back when done listening let me know. I would like  to hear the Dunu's
When I say fun and balanced I am not meaning overly bassy or unnatural and over emphasized like some people and members of the community use the phrase. I mean balanced and enjoyable not analytical or too dry and overly detailed. Still shows you every thing in a recording but has more mercy than some thing like the Er4pts. Also, has more bass extension which for me having more extension both ways is always more of a fun listening experience for me because I truly enjoy...
yes Iwould have to agree about the Fidue A83 as Far Nuetrality with a bit oF fun.I would not buy any more iems is this range between the A83, SM64 and Rhapsodio RD2
No i cannot get it to do either one
can anyone tell me what are the files that are in the internal storage of the DX90 when connected to the pc? I am trying to see if I have the files needed including the F.W. .img that I need to figure this out. I cannot install anything else.
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