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Does anyone know if the Linum BaX twisted 2 pin cable is compatible with the SM64 or will fit is all I am worried about.
Is the Linum BaX twisted able to go over ear without a specific model? 
Yeah ...agreed that is such a good combo, even without amps like meier stepdance 2 and or Ibasso pb2.  I need help guys I am looking to get an upgraded replacement cable due to mine being damage near the 1/8th jack. It is not for right now due to not having the money but for down the road, I would only be able to use 50-75 on one and wanted something nice, with decent parts and not too heavy. Anyways suggestions, links, or sources would be really helpful
It is the best version of the cable that can be bought at the time, it was used with my he560s  Quoted from the website:   "This cable is meant to serve as an upgrade/replacement cable for the entire HiFiman HE series of headphones. This cable will bring Audiophile grade, no compromise performance to your headphones.  It was designed to match or beat any competing flagship cable in both performance and price.  This cable is the absolute best that Charleston Cable...
Sold shipping pending    Cable still available with XLR 4pin to 1/4 jack interconnect all from audiophile level from Charleston cable company for 100usd
Yerah I personally think it is one of the best headphones under 1000 dollars, but not many seem interested it would seem... time will tell
Price drop
Fantastic portable amplifier for under 250$, the Fiio E12diy was considered by many to be top notch sound quality for the price asked. When they came out with many owner's personal favorite setup of the e12diy and focused on it being suitable for IEMs and other sensitive headphones with upgraded opamps and the like it was very well received. I own other headphone amps such as the PB2 from Ibasso and the stepdance 2 from Meier, and this thing to my ears sounds just as good...
Great closed headphone, with a lot of detail and space for a closed headphone. Very light and probably one of the most comfortable headphone I have owned. I only used this for maybe 20 hours and it is has been in its case for a bit due to my declining health I am going to sell because it does get enough time. I definitely thinking anyone looking for a great headphone for a great price should pic this up.    Price dropped to 85 plus shipping pp fee. make an offer and we...
This has been owned and cared for a while now, It is in good condition, with minor scruff on the plastic baffle off the right cup due to the box and shipping from the carrier. Other than that and some wear on the pads it is in good condition. It comes with a custom cable from Charleston Cable Company( this cable and interconnect are the Audiophile level version of their cables, which range from entry, mid level, and audiophile. It is the best they had to offer and worth...
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