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I actually would really like to try the Dunu 2000 just to hear it, I wonder if anyone wants to trade to listen to the fidue a83 or the RD2 from rhapsodio and then trade back when done listening let me know. I would like  to hear the Dunu's
When I say fun and balanced I am not meaning overly bassy or unnatural and over emphasized like some people and members of the community use the phrase. I mean balanced and enjoyable not analytical or too dry and overly detailed. Still shows you every thing in a recording but has more mercy than some thing like the Er4pts. Also, has more bass extension which for me having more extension both ways is always more of a fun listening experience for me because I truly enjoy...
yes Iwould have to agree about the Fidue A83 as Far Nuetrality with a bit oF fun.I would not buy any more iems is this range between the A83, SM64 and Rhapsodio RD2
No i cannot get it to do either one
can anyone tell me what are the files that are in the internal storage of the DX90 when connected to the pc? I am trying to see if I have the files needed including the F.W. .img that I need to figure this out. I cannot install anything else.
Not yet unfortunately I have been gone all day, still listening to the Lurker modded firmware,so that is running fine, I am just more so concerned with the fact that some files are corrupted where I can no longer achieve factory reset, firmware updates and or changes because of lack of proper firmaware image. I appreciate your help thus far. I have been searching vigilantly for a situation that was similar to this and how they were able to bring it back to the iBasso DX90...
-es.yes You can But after Tryng it again with the 560s again it lacks punch and dynamic IMO still sounds OK
kk I am trying to load the original to remove everything off and start fresh
now update is available but it will not let me update saying that their is no firmware image or wrong image, same with trying to reset to factory settings to clean up everything I messed up
yes update and it is gone from my advanced menu.
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