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-es.yes You can But after Tryng it again with the 560s again it lacks punch and dynamic IMO still sounds OK
kk I am trying to load the original to remove everything off and start fresh
now update is available but it will not let me update saying that their is no firmware image or wrong image, same with trying to reset to factory settings to clean up everything I messed up
yes update and it is gone from my advanced menu.
i have .album img that is it 
No I do not see that anywhere damn the world how would i go about getting it again? do you know
Okay my option for system update in advanced settings is gone... I am not sure what has happened to it. But it is beyond me i tried resetting and nothing still the lurker fw(at least still says the DX90L2 under model) but not update options
That is awesome man I wonder what I was doing wrong
Thanks I actually was trying to rockbox installed along with lurkers fw, which I have read is the way to get rockbox installed. But i cannot seem to do it right so I think i will just give up and cut losses and be happy with what I have it was more curiosity than anything.
When Lurkers fw is installed correctly does in system info does it say model: dx90L2?  I am not sure if I did this right
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