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I have reas through this thread a couple times here and there, i am a happy owner of the earsonics sm64, which is one of the best sub 600 $iems i have used and let alone owned. I am looking for an upgrade to something that has more mid range detail and extension up top without being being bright or too harsh. I have looked at the used 1 plus 2, um 50 from westone, and this earphone.
So, I finally got to plug in the Aria, today, into my DX90 it sounded exceptional straight from my player. I had read some where that is v shaped but to be honest at least to my ears, it sounds very balanced. Yes, it does have exceptional depth and extension in the low and high end's but not once in the past couple hours I have felt underwhelmed or have to strain to pick out details of the mid range. Not to mention that the vocals have nice presence and the overall...
WhiskeyJacks, Terryville, Connecticut
I'll be honest I am a bit confused how this is still here for this price, lol. This easily is in league with More expensive headphones such as DT880s/770s  NAD Hp50, etc and is one of the more comfortable and light headphones I have used. So someone buy these please, you get an almost new excellent shape mid fi headphone.
This still available, bump
I dont know if you know, or if pricing was different back when you got yours but a brand new one same termination costs 115
I am not 100% sure where it was gotten from it was from my buddy's hard drive and I copied it to mine, unless Foobar is lying to me or misinformed, saying it is 24 bit 96khz.  Not sure I dont have anything upsampled as far as I can tell.  Edit: Vinyl, flacmania has it 24bit.
I used it with the he 560s for a good while i ended up upgrading to balanced nfb 28 dac and amp woth more power it was still a very good combo
I have not heard the Dunu's but have owned the IE80, listened to the w30, and own currently the Sm64, which for not being a hybrid IEM has very good bass, low end, midrange, with more of a smoother up mid to treble but still detailed. Good sound stage for an IEM for sure, and honestly I think it would suit your tastes from what described. I definitely thought they were better the IE80, by a bit too, and the W30 imo were not as good. So I still own mine and wouldn't really...
Well I have aedele flac files at 24 bit I believe, But they sound fantastic, she is one of my favorite singers via the Omni's
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