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WhiskeyJacks, Terryville, Connecticut http://www.head-fi.org/products/zmf-headphones-omni/reviews/16010
I'll be honest I am a bit confused how this is still here for this price, lol. This easily is in league with More expensive headphones such as DT880s/770s  NAD Hp50, etc and is one of the more comfortable and light headphones I have used. So someone buy these please, you get an almost new excellent shape mid fi headphone.
This still available, bump
I dont know if you know, or if pricing was different back when you got yours but a brand new one same termination costs 115
I am not 100% sure where it was gotten from it was from my buddy's hard drive and I copied it to mine, unless Foobar is lying to me or misinformed, saying it is 24 bit 96khz.  Not sure I dont have anything upsampled as far as I can tell.  Edit: Vinyl, flacmania has it 24bit.
I used it with the he 560s for a good while i ended up upgrading to balanced nfb 28 dac and amp woth more power it was still a very good combo
I have not heard the Dunu's but have owned the IE80, listened to the w30, and own currently the Sm64, which for not being a hybrid IEM has very good bass, low end, midrange, with more of a smoother up mid to treble but still detailed. Good sound stage for an IEM for sure, and honestly I think it would suit your tastes from what described. I definitely thought they were better the IE80, by a bit too, and the W30 imo were not as good. So I still own mine and wouldn't really...
Well I have aedele flac files at 24 bit I believe, But they sound fantastic, she is one of my favorite singers via the Omni's
yeah I think the velvet is teh same shape mostly as the sm64. More of a conecern with the plastic that holds the pins being to wide for the sm64 v2. I am just going to order it when I get the money down the road.
And has anyone used it or know if it will fit with the Earsonics models like the SM64?
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