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I know that this thread has been dead for a little while but I wanted to add my two cents of this headphone. First like it's been said before the noise cancelation of random noise (such as dogs barking, people yelling,etc) is not the greatest, I would say the cancelation effect brings the outside volume down 1/3rd. Now for constant background noise, for instance loud fans, HVAC and plane noise the headphones filter out about 2/3rds the volume. While not in the Bose QC15...
All, quick question how do these cans sound amplified? Im torn between getting a pair of M50Xs plus a FiiO E18 or getting a pair of the V-MODA m 100's. From what it sounds like the V-Moda's are a little uneven in certain frequency bands and that the M50x's are more even and have better bass definition.  
Thanks for the update Coq de Combat,   I would have thought that the micro-USB to lightning connector would have worked but maybe the adaptor does not pass the USB digital audio like the Camera Connection kit does. I'm curious which iPhone have you tested this on? I wonder if it would also work on my iPad as well? This little amp\dac looks very promising! and way cheaper then V-Moda's offering!   Thanks again. 
Hi all,   I was curious about this DAC for an iPhone 5s   1. Does this work with the lightning to usb (camera connection kit)? 2. Could you use the Lightning to Micro USB adaptor and go directly from the micro USB to USB port on the DAC? 3. Do the Play/Pause/Forward/Backward controls work with the iPhone? 4. Does it charge the iPhone   Thanks for the help.
I thought the same thing until I researched some other adapters for the HD598s and saw that the other cables have the same recessed style like the m50x's, I think the scaling of the picture is off so it just seems like they won't fit, here is a better scaled picture of the oem cable that the one I mentioned earlier is supposed to replace.
Hi all,   I was really interested in purchasing these M50x's as well but the only thing holding me back was the lack of a mic\volume control (since I have a mac that can be controlled via the inline remote). Then I did some research and found an aftermarket volume\mic for the Sennheiser's (HD598's) that may in fact fit the Audio Technica's both cables go from 2.5mm (with a similar lock-in groove) to 3.5mm. Take a look, it looks like we may have a winner!!!!   here is a...
 Thanks for the advice Garraty, I keep using my old sony XB-500's (even though the earpieces pads are worn out) and I still love the sound profile except that the highs are not as defined as I would like. So I hope the HD598s are in a similar kind of sound profile, thats sort of the reason why the Audio-Technica's interest me but again Im a little inexperienced when it comes to the brand. 
Hey everybody,    So based on the overwhelming support of the V-Moda m100's I went over to a local store to try them out and I must say I was a little underwhelmed by the overall experience. It seemed like the bass was well defined and had a thump, but the headphones as a whole sounded somewhat hollow. Maybe it was the setting I was in but I was not super impressed playing Nine inch Nails "Discipline" (which I argue is Trent's greatest mixed album "the slip") which has a...
Thanks Guys!   I had heard the V-Moda's were good cans but I just did not know to much about the company, they seemed like a upstart boutique operation with some hype (sorta like beats) but its good to hear that their products are good. Also the M-100's have a great array of accessories that fit the bill in terms of remote\mic functionality also thanks for the info on the Shure's I would like these headphones to hold up, the ear pieces on the sonys wore out .   
Are there any other recommendations? Thanks I really appreciate it.
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