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thank bro, but i cant hear the sound of silver cable ( i have audiominor celestine cable), it too bright for my taste, i odered plussound x8 pure copper. i hope i made the right decision. :)
can anyone you help me pick a cable can improve bass and soundstage, image for my fitear parterre with v shape less than 400$ . tk so much and sr for my english
i want to buy a dac/amp for my fitear parterre but I have no conditions to try it, what you guys can suggest theorem 720 or ifi micro IDSD or...v.v.. i love 1st mid and 2st sound stage and 3st 3D 4st treble thank.
hey guy Does anyone have the link to listrid fm 2.0 . tk
so the x5 have better SQ than Note3 +apex glacier right u guys
500$ .
if same price . which one better . 
hey u guys did apex work on samsung note3 snapdrogon ? , between pure DAP such as DX90 or X5 and note3 + Apex Glacier, which one do u choose
so which choise make the sound better. Dac or Dap. and between E12 DIY limit Edi  and  fiio e18 which 1 better with note 3
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