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Me too use Foobar, it's pretty powerful and straightforward. Thank you.
Since I do not have anymore the original CD do you think it's bad to convert to MP3 from an already converted track? In my mind it could be ok since FLAC isn't a lossy codec. What do you think?
Italy. They cost the same in Deutschland.
In the financial world... in the poor man world 100€ are equal to 100$. In America HiFiMan RE-400 costs 99$, in mine country they costs 99€.  
They cost too much for me. :DThey cost too much for me.  99 Euros, I need to stay under 90.. preferably 80.
Already have (Goldring DR100, just good), but need and IEMs for listening music on the go. Smartphones cannot really drive headphones, moreover I want something very portable and those supraaural above aren't really good in terms of sound quality.
They were both supraaural closed-back headphones. What I'm searching are IEMs with excellent clarity, big and airy soundstage and an overall balanced frequency response. I like neutral but detailed sound, wanna hear every instrument, and do not like bass that invade midrange, I like bass but not the bloated/exaggerated one. Positioning is important. I like voices to be a bit forward.   Budget: Less then 90€   Following some discussions here and reading some reviews I...
Just posted a review on the Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p, hope you like:
Hi,   I'm looking for the next pair of headphones and I'm looking for suggestions on the type.   What are the strenghts of those two types? In particural if I choose the supra-aural I would go with this one: It's a mini type and I haven't been very pleased with a similar headphone so far (this one: I have been a bit happier with some IEMs...
Yes, I'm more leaned towards Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser. Those are brands that at least guarantee no muffled sound, I think.
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