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PM-2 Unit #1 is due to land at my house today.
 Nope, you signed up right after me. See thread post #67 and #68.
 Sounds great, let me know if you need my address.  
IGNORE THE ABOVE POST!  Although you can fit the S4 tips on the 7550's, I strongly recommend against trying. The tips are a bit too narrow and have to stretch over the nozzle, which decreases both soundstage width and lower frequencies a few db's, and more importantly can become a health hazard if the tips pop off the nozzles while you're wearing them. (don't ask how I figured that out)In other news I tried the small factory tips and the fit was poor and they sounded...
 I didn't get to spend much time with this yesterday, but the Klipsch tips do indeed fit on the 7550's. I kept the left IEM stock and switched the right IEM to the Klipsch tip, and the increased comfort was almost immediately evident. Within 10 minutes my left ear started to ache as usual, but my right was still quite comfortable. It didn't disappear in my ear like the S4's, but it was a hell of an improvement. When I get a chance I'll have to test this out for longer than...
  Tell me about it, the rave reviews about comfort played a big role in me going with them, now I'm kinda pissed. Today I'm going to try pulling the tips off of my S4's and testing them out on these.
*** SOLD ***
I've gotta be honest, after 10 hours on my 7550's I'm very disappointed with the comfort. After only 10 minutes of listening my ears start to ache. On the other hand, I can wear my Klipsch S4's for 8 straight hours with zero discomfort. Any suggestions, guys? 3rd party tips?
 Thanks for the interest, but the Bifrost is sold.
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