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I read issues regarding the original Magni and floor noise when used with IEM's. With the new model equipped with 2 gain options, perhaps that's no longer an issue . . .
 I was seriously considering combining the O2 amp with my Schiit Modi until I realized that it was battery powered. I'm not sure what the long term reliability would be like with the batteries in a state of constant charging. Any thoughts?
Hmm, no suggestions, huh?
I figured out the software issue holding the Fiio E10K back in volume, but it still sounds pretty poor. The mids are muddled and the soundstage is terribly narrow. Frankly, I can't imagine why anyone would recommend this unit. (and I LOVE my Fiio X5, so I'm no Fiio hater) Any suggestions for a decent priced amp???
After spending countless hours researching and a failed experiment with the Fiio E10K, I need some help . . . I'm looking for a desktop amp (or Amp/DAC) that can specifically handle IEM's, in particular the Klipsch S4 and Sony MDR-7550. I tried the Fiio E10K and it sounded muddy and didn't have ANYWHERE near enough power even on the high gain setting - which really surprised me. This is a strictly office setup, so I'm not looking to spend big money. My current setup is:...
I was fortunate enough to audition the PM-2 over Christmas, which meant I also got feedback from my little brother who's graduating in music performance this spring, as well as my father who's a steadfast audiophile. (Legacy Audio Focus SE and Stax SR007 in his collection) We all listened to the PM-2 directly compared to the Audeze LCD2 Rev2, and rather surprisingly all came up with the exact same notes. + competitive price + excellent design all around, down to the...
If I were in the market I'd buy these, pretty fair deal. Especially since they're no longer made.
PM-2 Unit #1 shipped out to the next person last Friday.
PM-2 Unit #1 is due to land at my house today.
 Nope, you signed up right after me. See thread post #67 and #68.
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