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The Schiit Lyr and a pair of matched Siemens CCA's work beautifully with my Rev2's.
After the lack of responses here the first few days I actually PM'd Joker myself and got a very similar response. I'm currently targeting a sale on the Sony MDR-7550.
 I'm not big on used gear, but those are tempting at that price . . .
For a $79 IEM . . . yeah, I do think the S4's sound pretty good for what they are. That said, I have very little exposure to the world of IEM's.   Besides the fact that I'm a germaphobe, I try to avoid buying used audio gear. (way more hassle than it's worth when you get used equipment that doesn't work properly)    Anybody have new recommendations within my target budget?
Bump . . .
You bet, enjoy!
 Yes, this appears to be the correct model, but I would personally advise against buying used audio equipment on ebay . . . particularly equipment that was obviously not well cared for.
Based on my experience, I would also go with the ProMedia. The Swan's have been reported to have feedback issues in some cases, and the AV40 is not only out of your price range, but it won't compare with the ProMedia's bass extension.   To answer your other question, no, you do not need to run a dedicated sound card. Simply plug the 1/8" stereo input line from the Pro-Media into your motherboard's audio-out and you'll be off and running. Good luck!
 Those are twice my budget. Nobody else?
I highly recommend the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system. It punches well above its weight, and can easily be scaled up by replacing the small monitors it comes with with better bookshelf speakers down the road. Mine has been very reliable with heavy use over 4 years.
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