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Thank you for taking the time to measure it!    Definitely on my to get list now.
I'd very much appreciate that thank you.
Are the ear cups full size on these? Like goes completely over my huge ears?
No longer available.
Hate this damn forum, making me buy stuff I honestly could do without.   Can't wait for these to come out!
Are the flats the ones that come with the SR60/80? 
I am looking for a Grado headband and left/right gimbal.    If anyone has it and willing to sell, please tell me! 
 Oh no! I haven't caught up with all of them yet, might not watch it now because everything he wears is so nice.
Anyone watch Covert Affairs? I swear Auggie is advertising Grado's, I didn't like the aluminum Grado's at all before but seeing him wearing them on my TV made me like them.    Come back wallet! I won't hurt you too badly this time...
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