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ATH-SPORT3: Used about 10 times total, babied and is in excellent/like new condition. Includes all original accessories. - $40  Paypal only.
1.      1)AKG K712   2.      2) ATH-900X   3.      3) ATH-IM03   4.     4) Grado SR-80e   5.      5) KEF M200   6.     6) Corsair 2100 (Gaming headset)   7.      7) ATH-Sport3   8.      8) Klipsch S4  
$70   Very good condition, no longer want it because I have not used it for about half a year. Stored in box, kept clean, and never rough handled.    Extra pads are velvet/cloth.  Extra cable is 6ft with Belden cable terminated to Neutrik 1/4. Purchased from eBay ($40)    Free shipping. Will be shipped USPS. Paypal only.
Any reason I should chose a dedicated CD player over a Blu-ray player when plugging into a DAC? Schiit Bifrost to be exact. 
Do they fit on the K712's? 
Is there some way I can get the pads to be angled?
Just got mine yesterday, looooooove it. I don't think I'll ever need to purchase another closed headphone and if I do it'll be another 900x or a step up. 
Just ordered one on Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon too, for $148 shipped! Brand new! 
It's much cheaper to import it from Japan than to buy one from inside the USA but I won't be covered by any warranties should anything go wrong.   Is it worth it to save? Is a warranty for headphones really necessary? I have a few and none of them have had any issues for quite some time. 
Are the 325e's harsh when you turn the volume up? 
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