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Never cleaned them. I guess it makes since that not using them enough causes them to just want to stay in shape.
I compress them and before I get anywhere near my ears, it's fully expanded again. I tried compressing directly next to my ear and then quickly putting them in and this barely works too, expands way too fast.   I'm using Comply tips. It wasn't like this when I first got them.    Does it have something to do with the way I store them? I just put my earbuds into my drawer without any case. Really annoying.   Anyone know what I can do? I've only had these for 1 month...
I see people with Apple earbuds all the time and I laugh inside real hard.
Got my 2nd piece of Schiit, the Asgard 2. At first I was wondering why everyone was saying it's super hot, 30mins later I found out.    How do fellow owners of the A2 turn the HOT volume knob? Especially without ruining the good looks.
Which one will satisfy my bass fixes best? Can't completely throw the mids and highs out the windows either, it can be partially out the windows but not completely gone.    I'm leaning toward the Beyers for comfort alone.
 Could you post a picture of how they look with those pads? I've been curious about those headphones to fulfill my rare basshead needs.
Is there anything similar to this in the USA? I would love to go and never leave.
Have you tried them with a SS amp before? How much does it warm them up?   I also need my amp to play well with everything not just Beyer's which is why I like the Asgard 2 more.   Whoa edit again!   After looking at the Schiit page for the 100th time, which makes me laugh each time, I think I will get the Valhalla 2. Maybe get the Magni for my solid-state needs? 
Hey guys, which amp would be better for the Beyerdynamic T1's, Asgard or Lyr? 
Alright, here's my review of the SR-60e.   Pros: Drums sound amazing Cons: Shrill highs, picky These are my first ever Grado's and I LOVE them, too bad I have to send them out to the next guy.    I was always fascinated by Grado's ever since I saw Auggie's RS2's on Covert Affairs. I just knew I had to try them at one point and along came this awesome opportunity to loan them. I decided to try their cheapest ones because I just wanted to get an idea of their unique...
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