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$70   Very good condition, no longer want it because I have not used it for about half a year. Stored in box, kept clean, and never rough handled.    Extra pads are velvet/cloth.  Extra cable is 6ft with Belden cable terminated to Neutrik 1/4. Purchased from eBay ($40)    Free shipping. Will be shipped USPS. Paypal only.
Any reason I should chose a dedicated CD player over a Blu-ray player when plugging into a DAC? Schiit Bifrost to be exact. 
Do they fit on the K712's? 
Is there some way I can get the pads to be angled?
Just got mine yesterday, looooooove it. I don't think I'll ever need to purchase another closed headphone and if I do it'll be another 900x or a step up. 
Just ordered one on Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon too, for $148 shipped! Brand new! 
It's much cheaper to import it from Japan than to buy one from inside the USA but I won't be covered by any warranties should anything go wrong.   Is it worth it to save? Is a warranty for headphones really necessary? I have a few and none of them have had any issues for quite some time. 
Are the 325e's harsh when you turn the volume up? 
Anyone have a comparison of the 80e and 325e? I want something even brighter sounding but less harsh. 80e's are a bit harsh sometimes.
Could I glue some type of fabric like velour or velvet to leather pads so when I put my headphones on, it's the fabric that's touching my head instead of the leather?    I hate leather/pleather because of the sweating it causes and just plain uncomfortable.   Thinking 3M spray adhesive would work.   Got the idea from one of the Hifiman pads.    Don't see why it would work but just thought I'd ask in-case someone else had already done this.
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