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I brought a pair awhile back for my now gone PRO700MK2's and they were quality pads. Paid like $7 or something, forgot.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! x (999999999999999999999999)^9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999    Whew, thank goodness for the internet, can't imagine saying thank you that many times. 
Anyone know if the Beyerdynamic COP headband would fit over a stock SR80e headband?   Or where I can get a white headband? 
Which pad would go best with a Senngrado? I REALLY want to build one.
I want the close up Grado sound, it's what really want from a Grado, otherwise I'll stick with my other ones.
Thanks, just what I needed to decide! Just saved myself $100. Although I have never tried their L cushions they look outrageously uncomfortable. SR80e it is!
Can't decide between SR80e and SR225e. I want to put wood on them and I won't really be using them all the time, just when listening to rock/metal.    Kind of on a tight budget too which makes the decision even harder.
Comes out in October. Birthday in October. BDAY present! To myself...
Is it a cable with 2 cables for the left driver and 2 for the right driver?
I noticed when looking at Grado's it says 4 conductor cable, what exactly does that mean? 
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