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I surely hope for Sony. Concerning Fiio I squeezed it (lol) and fixed it!!! (had a prob with headphones out hole after replacing its faulty battery with a new one). Now I use it as a dac/amp 4 ma pc!!!
I use Fiio's A3 (fairly small, much power, I have no problem overall). Search for it!!! (I've searched a lot for a smaller and cheaper amp but they don't "amplificate" much and so they are pretty useless for A10 series!!!).
i believe a25 vs a25hn main difference is the headphone inclusion in a25hn.
as i had a fiio x3 (1st gen) and now i have a sony a15 i can't find differences in their sound signature except than fiio has a better amp(lifier) so it's more loud if you want it to but you can find a sony a10 or 20 series as i see without the volume "cap". (as i read also my sony (a15) is much better in sound quality (SQ) than fiio x1).   the battery in sony's are at least 2 times better than fiio x3 and surely better than fiio x1 who has better battery than x3.   in...
1st day with my previously used A15!!!   It's not better than my broken X3 I liked, but seems a good try from Sony!!!   See ya!!!
after 2 years ma X3 almost stopped functioning (naff said!!!)
UPDATE:   I've tested HF5s and found them very good but not as good as DN-1000 (even though they "colorize" sound), so I keep DUNUS and FIIO, returning my Etymotic's.   Thanks.
Hi all!!!   I have the Fiio X3 (1st gen.) with DUNU's DN-1000 and I'm waiting for Etymotic HF5 IEM's to come soon.   Till then, I wonder if I made a mistake to buy these instead of ER-4(?) as I wanted an uncoloured sound, because DUNU's sounded too V-shaped for my taste after many listenings.   Also, after purchasing HF5's, would be better to buy something cheaper than X3 and sell it along with DUNU's???.   The reason to my decisions were that I can't afford...
I had a problem with several wavs freezing my X3 and downgraded from FW 3.0 to the previous one and the problem disappeared.
I dunno much about HPs but you MUST search for MONITORS.
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