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Bump Just curious.   They seem to fit when I look at the size of them but has anyone tried them on their Grados or anything similar?
Hi everyone! I didn't see this kind of thread on the forum so I'm gonna post it here. I heard the Sennheiser HD head cushions are really comfortable and I've been having some comfort problems with my Grado SR-60s. The Beyer Headband is sadly not available here in Germany. So I thought... Is there a possibility to use the Sennheiser HD Head Cushions for the Grados? Will they fit?   Here's some links I found on the german...
Bump and Thread to the trash!   Just won the bidding on some Grados SR-60s with new pads. (The Old SRs. Not the Is) Got them for 37,50€ on Ebay. Thanks everyone for the advice! Sure hope some other people might use these recommendations.   Thanks again!   EDIT: These are amazing! 
The problem is - I can't go above 50€. The Pod Studio is already 130€ and I'm not paying more than 180€.   I would prefer some headphones with a clear sound and not so strong bass. I don't really like that boomy punchy pass since I don't really listen to stuff like dubstep. I listen to stuff like rock, metal, synth pop and video game soundtracks.   If I could spend more than 50, let's say 80€ I would go for the Grado 60is in an instant.
Hey! It appears my plans on buying a Sennheiser 598 failed since I changed my wanted price tag a little bit. I'm looking for some good headphones, preferably over-ears. (I don't actually care. Show me what's best  ) My budget is 50€ / 50$ since I'm buying a Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 for Guitar Practice and recording. So I would like some headphones for gaming, listening to music and guitar practice and playing on the guitar.   Any suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks to all of you for the great help!   I'm out of cash right now but I really want to get my hands on the HD598s. If there's gonna be some money problems I'll just go for the HD555s.   (Might Bump the Thread when I get them. First impression blablabla)   Thanks again!
 I was looking at some Beyerdynamic's lately and I realised the DT990 Pro have a similar price. Also: Are you talking about the "normal" DT770 or the DT770 Pro?I've also realised there are a few models with 250 Ohm, 80 Ohm or 32 Ohm impedance. Will the headphones with higher impedance be any problem since I have no actual amplification?Is there any difference in quality between DT770, DT770 Pro or DT990 Pro or any other DTs from Beyerdynamic? Thanks!
 If that's so, could You or somebody else tell me about the Sennheiser HD 558s? Or any other cheaper versions.I heard they are a really good pair of headphones but I heard they are mainly made out of plastic. Speaking of durability...   EDIT: I just realised I could get my hands on some "more expensive" Sennheisers.I could get some used Sennheiser HD595s, 545, 555 or 518 from Ebay. What do you think?
Hi Everyone! This is meant to be an introduction thread and also a "Looking for help" thread   I cannot decide between two pairs of headphones. The Grado SR-60i and Sennheiser HD558. May also be looking for some cheaper Sennheisers.   On-Ear or Over-Ear is not a problem for me. I would get the Grado SR-60i if I only knew if I would get a good warm sound. I don't really know how to say this. With closed ear cups I would get the feeling I'm in the studio where the...
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