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Thanks for your help guys. I will probably buy the M 100 but I will look at the Ath ws99.
Hello, I am fixed on buying a pair of V moda cans. I would like to get the M 100 because of it's over ear design. However, I have read that the M 100 is only good for Electronic and not the Rock and Metal that I usually listen to because of it's focus on bass. I am not very experienced when it comes to audio, but I can tell the difference in sound quality between a Beats Studio and an ATH M50. Will I notice the Bass emphasis and will it realy effect my listening...
Thanks for the advice. I'll be getting the momentum then. Just for future purchases, what is the best portable headphone for Rock/Metal?Thanks again
Sorry about the extra 'are'
The Sennheiser Momentum has just dropped to $200 on Amazon, $170 less than the original price. Does this mean they are realy are not that good? Is the M100 worth the extra money? I listen to mostly Rock and Metal and I have a relatively small ear size so comfort will not be a problem. Thanks
Thanks for the advice. I thing I'll go adgtron because it doesn't have many bad reviews and it ships with the original box.
Thanks. Also does anyone know if adgtron is a legit site?
Is vminnovations an authorised Sennheiser dealer? I'm looking at buying a pair of Momentums.
How much can you get it for from addicted to audio
It dosen't include warranty but I'm pretty sure it's legit. It is in Hong Kong
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