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Friday na?
Do you guys know someone in the Metro Manila area that can do the full senngrado mod? I've got PX100 rotting away ready to be modded.
Yo! Reporting from San Juan. I'm currently rocking DX50+GR10. Don't know kung infamous na ako sa egghead for availing their return policy for the two IEM's I bought from them.   Yung UM1's ko chinu-chew ng cat namin yung cable. Direct replacement mehn! Go ate!
Mr. Ibasso,   Do you have an out of warranty repair and maintenance service for the DX50? I would very much like to have mine overhauled since I really don't baby my gear.
As much as I liked Sony's Hybrid series after I tried them, Grado's ergonomics just wins it. I even find re600's bulky.
hey guys,   How do I connect my ailing DX50 (as pure transport) to the to be released ALO continental dual mono (as dac/amp)? Should I use the coax out? AFAIK, the ALO has 3.5 SE/BAL and USB inputs.   I just really like the face buttons of the DX line so no upgrades for me. All music, shuffle mode all the way!
question: if I'm going to use my failing DX50 as pure transport, what output will I have to use to what-input you have in the CDM as dac/amp? Is it the coax out?
 My DX50 is indeed powered on and I have tried connecting it to PCs in DAC and storage mode. I have successfully used my DX50 as DAC and storage prior to FW1.6. Everything was honkidori with FW1.5, every feature works. I suspect the new firmware because when I tried to use it as DAC, after updating, it's not recognized. So thinking this, I tried re-installing the firmware only to find out that it is no longer being recognized by my computer. Hoping to clear my computer of...
 Hi Mr. Koolpep, As I've stated, factory reset does nothing. I've tried taking out the battery while it's switched on, while music is playing/paused and still nothing happens. The same welcome screen of FW1.5/1.6 still appears after MANY attempts. Sending it back to where I bought it would have me DAPless for a month or so, so I'll try as many suggestions as possible.
I already tried it with Mac. I might have to send it in again for repair. That'll be the second time after the HO connection started going wonky on me. Apparently, straight stereo jacks IEMs (GR10) put pressure on them when in pocket use.
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