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 Anyway, for sound quality, I don't mind whatever DAC/AMP combinations iBasso uses. As was mentioned in iBasso's FB page, it's all about implementation. I still get surprised by discovering new details on my daily music jam with just DX50/GR10 combo. I'm pretty sure that sizable improvements on portable DAPs are in UI implementation and connectivity. The way I see it, it should just be a stripped down android device with sim for music streaming. It can be thicker than your...
 DX50/90's size for me was not the issue, it was the corners. They are pointy a.f. and when the player sits at the bottom of my pants pocket while I'm about to sit, the top part sometimes scrapes my thighs. Making the DX80 taller will increase the likelihood of this happening. As I've said in my previous post, I'm now okay with whatever design the next iteration will be. Jacket and shirt pockets FTW!
I'm just saying what I experienced with my iBasso DX50 and my proposed changes for the next iteration. Form factor should be considered more especially for DAPs that are supposed to be portable. But if the chassis design is already for production, then I just have to try it before buying. (I have thick, muscular thighs to triangle choke y'all guys who only think of skinny jeans :D) Still, I maintain that the sockets and buttons be more resilient for everyday use. For the...
Also, please don't make it too tall. DAP in pants' pockets causes some unwanted poking action. Seriously.
If there is still a chance to change the shape of the player, can you make the corners rounder? I've ruined some of my pants' pockets from my DX50. You can keep the sides still edgy for more grips.   Please also make the switches and sockets more resilient. My gain switch is starting to act up and FF button getting mushier everyday. HO/LO is getting loose from the frequent plugging/unplugging (both intentional and accidental) so a beefier socket would be awesome. I use...
I vote for the RTi2 instead of the Rhapsodio Solar. The dual DD would be "dark" horse
Friday na?
Do you guys know someone in the Metro Manila area that can do the full senngrado mod? I've got PX100 rotting away ready to be modded.
Yo! Reporting from San Juan. I'm currently rocking DX50+GR10. Don't know kung infamous na ako sa egghead for availing their return policy for the two IEM's I bought from them.   Yung UM1's ko chinu-chew ng cat namin yung cable. Direct replacement mehn! Go ate!
Mr. Ibasso,   Do you have an out of warranty repair and maintenance service for the DX50? I would very much like to have mine overhauled since I really don't baby my gear.
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