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I got the gr10 v1 (dull silver with no hole) for a while then replaced by v2 (silver with hole). The v2 sounded pretty much like the e (I borrowed one for over a week) which I suspect is the same as the v2 but with different color.   I haven't tried the Tenore.
I think it was how the song was recorded, but the vocals gets buried under the guitars with the drums keeping beat nicely. If all your music sounds like this, you won't get shout-y vocals. Pretty much every rock songs of all genres that I know doesn't highlight vocals except maybe those guttural sounds, but those will sound more inline with the bass and sound more throaty(?)
Watch your video (Bitter End; Long Time Gone). Electric strings sound alright, everything sounds alright
Oh, yeah bad recordings will sound really bad. I remember using GR10's for the Stephen Fry Harry Potter audio book (free mp3 version from friend), 'twas horrible.
For recordings that emphasize crash and ride cymbals and higher notes of strings esp. violins you will get sibilance as volume increases. Surprisingly, it still sounds correct (if you play instruments, you'll get it).   I don't really give much notice to sound stage. GR10/e has proportionate one not unlike others that give to much space but fails to fill it. And as I've said, the vocals is centered in your head with instruments permeating form there, like a...
Just imagine that the original GR10 is a more emotionally engaging version of re400. Really, really excellent for vocals and strings. The e version gives up some of the mellowness but gives in return fast engaging sound, which go really well with the rock medians (no hardcore stuff). The sound stage is quite intimate with instruments permeating form your head. Synthesized instruments and trip hop songs' sounds pop around your head with separation and realness. All...
Oh yah! Ducky Shine 3 with MX-Blues. *Click *click *click *click *click *click *click *click
Jump the gun and get the Ultimate.     Oops, maybe wrong thread? Get Solar instead!
Hi guys, I've met with @adobotj yesterday for coffee and some quick impressions and comparisons of the RTi2. Since the Solar and the Galaxy are occupying your interests as of late, I'll squeeze this in. My reference is the DX50 with 1.9.3 firmware and Grado GR10 (Alu ring with hole) with medium Ortofon tips. Side piece is the Fidue a65 with large Ortofon tips. Used formats are mp3 320kbps, wav and a smattering of flac. English is not my first language. -Bass lumped with...
I wonder if it will use Sabre's new flagship DAC or go with the tried and true 9018s. Missed out on the OG DX100 so I'll probably buy this as soon as it's released
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