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Well, if you've got your GR10's + comply tips + 700+hours of use, you'll find that the bass is just right and low mid's tickle your ear nicely. The stock tips, to my ears, make the treble harsh.   Applying petroleum jelly to the comply's for easy insertion to my small ear holes. 
Opp, I thought only of my stored music which is about 400 GB. I have about 1 TB of stored media in my PC and about 40 CD's of local music
55.4 lbs 48.7 lbs 63.8 lbs
Fine! I'll fanny pack it for a while. Please wait a while till I have my 8(?) pack abs. Srsly.
But I have muffin top so I don't like anything attached to my belt, that's why I use pants pockets. I'll either fanny pack it or that ammo bag olddude suggested.
Ammo bag it is! Thanks for the idea~
But having a bag to keep the player upright in your pocket would defeat the purpose of having a pocket-able all-in-one DAP. I mean, it would add bulk to the player and if that's the case, I'd rather have my cellphone and a c5d in my pocket. I see your point, though. Is there some sort of pocket clip to keep the player upright in my pocket or I should fanny pack it?
But, but it's iBasso! This will probably my reason to upgrade to DX90 but there will always be a lingering doubt to their build quality forever! (ever... ever...)
Hi guys! After two months of use, my DX50 developed this problem that when I walk with it in my pocket (shorts or pants) the left channel sometimes loses sound. I checked the headphone out port, and it seemed to be loose. Anybody have this problem too? Do you have any solutions or should I let iBasso warranty do its job?
I have currently bought the GR10's to go with my DX50. Coming from Westone UM1's, I've got to say that the Grado's don't seat well in my ears (I have crooked, smallish ear holes), not much noise isolation. But when at home listening, they are quite comparable to higher end open-back headphones. Also, they are sensitive as hell for source. I don't know if it's my DAP or my music (24-bit/96 kHz), but they hiss like hell.
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