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For anyone looking to sell their AMB M^3, I am on the lookout for one. Would prefer something with bass boost and/or gain control and a separate power supply (pref. treads/steps or sigma11 but not picky here). It's hard to search for these amps using Head-Fi forum software and they seem to be pretty rare so I'll leave this here in case someone decides to search for WTB ads before posting theirs. Contact me through PM, thanks!
Back available for sale. Great neutral closed headphones if you want something that isolates but doesn't really sound like a closed headphone. A quote from mrspeakers regarding the differences between 3.1 and 3.2. dhhh Headphones, cable, and Alpha pads only. Great for upgrading to Alpha Dogs if that's something you're interested in; that was the original reason I withdrew these for sale but I don't think a closed headphone fits my budget at the moment. Asking $sold plus...
Traded for this combo a couple of months ago with the hopes of climbing the STAX ladder, but life hasn't been too kind to me the past couple of months so I need to let some stuff go. I've used it incredibly sparingly since I received it, preferring my HD700s, so nothing has changed since the original listing, which is here -   Asking $ for the headphones and $ for the amplifier, or $...
Price drop. Still available.
Dan, will the MD price increase affect the price of your Alpha Dogs or the upgrade price from MDs? I kept my MDs for a future upgrade to ADs but I've never had a chance to listen to ADs so I'm a little hesitant, since I don't particularly like the way the soundstage is presented with the MDs and am afraid that this is a driver/pad property instead of a baffle/enclosure property. Just wanted to hear your thoughts.
 The Slappa hard case is a perfect fit.
Hey Dan, a couple people have asked me this question and I don't know how accurate my response is. What's the main difference between the MD 3.1 and the 3.2? It seems the 3.1 was not available for very long and was a quick transition from 3->3.2. Thanks!
Given Joker's brief impressions of the BA200, the RE400 review, and having owned the BA200 for a little while, I would expect a 9.1 or maybe even a 9.2 from the BA200, which is pretty impressive given that I just sold mine for $80. Maybe I should have waited for his full review to come out to sell it
 I don't own the NADs any longer so unfortunately I can't give a direct comparison, but I really liked the NADs based on their overall neutrality, warmth, slightly emphasized mids, and extension/detail. I'm not sure if you'll find the emphasized bass you're looking for but the bass was very quick and hit pretty hard, just not terribly "rumbly". You may find that you prefer it this way. The NADs were definitely my favorite closed headphone in the $300 and under bracket but...
 You're looking for closed portable headphones in particular? I would say the NAD HP50 is a good upgrade from the 1R, keeping the same relative flatness and improving on extension and detail especially. I've also heard good things about the Focal headphones and they seem like they'd be a similar signature but I've never heard any of them so I won't comment further.
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