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I am in the middle of recommending to my friend a set of in-ear phones as she was complaining about her hearing. Stumbled upon this appreciation thread. I too appreciate them :)   H.M
just did the test. didn't come across anything suspicious on my pair. also tried them on other open backs just to see whether what you described could be replicated and got nothing out of it.
Reviving this thread :D   I just bought a pair of these to convert them into an el cheapo Bluetooth headset. Already done the disassembly, and waiting for parts to complete. will post photos and guide in the next month or so. Probably not the most user friendly headphones to mod as the ear pads and filter are stuck on by adhesives.
nice one flinx, I will be ordering a pair and give em a go :D
Hi Guys, My account has finally been blessed by the Head-Fi mods and I can finally upload photos. Here's the result with a removal guide and alternative application of the HD-414 ear pads. I did leave a few commentary on how to remove the plastic ring / ear pad. Apologies in advance if my guide seems newbish coz I am actually new to the audio world and got sucked into it last year starting...
Update: I found a set of replacement earpads on ebay with the plastic ring. So far this is the only supplier I found that has this whereas all other sellers had just the foam  only. I just ordered 2 pairs for back up and I doubt that these are "genuine". So I will let you guys know whether they fit once I've received...
Thanks Darner, much appreciated. Coincidentally I did make a purchase of the sony MDR-V150 a few days ago lol. Even though I've read them to be kinda sucky on head-fi. They were my first ever pair of headphones when I was a little youngster. Held up pretty well till the cable broke way back then. But now I have an opportunity to give this a go :D H.M
Has anyone figured out a suitable ear pad replacement? I would like to know whether the ear pads from the sennheiser HD-25 or the HD-414 would fit these. I haven't gained the confidence to take my ear pads apart yet. H.M
deleted double posting.
I recently bought myself an akg-k420 recently for cheap on The stock ear pads were relatively comfortable but after a few hours I needed to take a break from them. Just for some experimentation I did pull apart 1 of the ear pads, which is glued to a plastic O ring. The glue wasn't strong enough so the ear pad came off without the plastic ring. So I put used a plastic card to stuff the edges back in, and unfortunately the end result was a misshapen ear...
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