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Price Lowered to $125
I've heard several pair and they all sound the same to me. I have a very early pair (one of the first to show up in Dallas) and one bought just a week ago, and they both sound the same to me. The sound on these takes a while to warm up to IMO, took me several days before I decided if I liked them. Obviously we can't rule out a QC issue, but my money would be on it being a user issue.
Check out the NAD HP50 then
I doubt you'll hear a difference unless one of your cables is defective
There is no one perfect sound and we don't all like the same things, that's why we have so many choices. You like what you like, simple as that.
If you've tried them three times and don't like them then I'd say the sound is just not for you.
Agreed, I would not want to use this amp with a really fast headphone, it's best when mated with a forgiving headphone or something maybe a little laid back or warm sounding. It sounds great with my Momentum, P7, HD600 and even HE-500, but is just too much with my Grado and HD800. I'd love to hear this with some LCD cans...
There's nothing wrong with his P7, when are people gonna learn that we all hear things differently. Although I enjoy and use the P7 more now, I think the Momentum is clearly a more neutral headphone. The P7 has a more lively and open sound, but no way it's more neutral than the Momentum, my ears and measurements both agree on this.
I've been comparing them both for a few days now, and honestly I can't do much better than that for an answer.  The one thing I'll add is they compliment the P7 nicely since they have a more laid back sound.  I'll be keeping both because they're different enough, but if you can only keep one the best advice I can give is buy one and see how you like the treble - if it's perfect for you then the other headphone likely won't be and if you don't like the treble then the other...
With the Theorem compared to the iPod Classic directly the difference with the P7 is quite significant.  With a lesser amp like a Fiio or the Schiit Modi that difference is marginal, with a solution like the Theorem you're clearly in a different league and the difference is obvious.
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