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I did a direct comparison between the two cables, especially after some reports of faulty cable with the Momentum headphones. The Apple cable introduces more complexity, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean worse sound if it's done right. When comparing the two cables I was not able to hear a difference, either subjectively or blind folded. Listen for yourself, but don't be surprised if you don't hear a difference. That being said, I now use the straight cable...
I can now say confidently that the P7 scale well with a better source and amp. I've been using them with the Theorem 720 and today decided to run directly off the iPod again to test and it's a night and day difference. They don't require better gear, but they scale with it very well, that's an unusual combination.
Yep, the cable attaches inside the cup so is replaceable, the trick for a while will be finding aftermarket cables.
Nope, I think the lack of those inputs and the internal components needed to make them work is what allows them to keep the balance of size and battery life
I'm happy with my new iPad Air, so I'm putting one of my others up for sale. It's in perfect condition and comes with original box and accessories, and I'm including a few extra goodies with the sale:   1 - Camera Connection Kit (in original box with both USB and SD connectors) 2 - Grey Smart Cover 3 - Black Leather case by Targus, very nice padded case   My asking price includes shipping in the lower 48, PayPal gift or add 3%, a check or MO is fine as well
I generally don't advise forming an opinion based on an in store demo, at home on your rig with your music is really the way to go. For example, I don't think, nor would I expect measurements to show, that the P7 is a more neutral headphone than the Momentum. I actually prefer the P7 at this point, but Momentum is still a more flat headphone.
What video?
I would expect the alpha dog to sound better, it's a true full size headphone at a higher price point, I would expect it to have a more refined sound...
I read your review, one of the most strangely written reviews I've ever read...
First you say Theorem has more bass impact then M8, did it change or is one of those a typo?
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