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I generally don't advise forming an opinion based on an in store demo, at home on your rig with your music is really the way to go. For example, I don't think, nor would I expect measurements to show, that the P7 is a more neutral headphone than the Momentum. I actually prefer the P7 at this point, but Momentum is still a more flat headphone.
What video?
I would expect the alpha dog to sound better, it's a true full size headphone at a higher price point, I would expect it to have a more refined sound...
I read your review, one of the most strangely written reviews I've ever read...
First you say Theorem has more bass impact then M8, did it change or is one of those a typo?
If you're a bass head then the m100 is probably your best bet. The P7 is a clear winner in overall sound quality, but the m100 doesn't sound bad and the bass is more present and closer to the bump you're looking for.
I got the Theorem and the Hifi M8 in and have them both burning in now. First impressions are that the M8 has more power but at a given volume level I think I actually prefer the Theorem instead, will post more in the coming days
I got the Theorem 720 in yesterday and have about 20 hours on it, I can tell you guys that the P7 respond well to better gear upstream, more so than the Momentum to these ears. I still don't know which I prefer straight out of the iPod, but with the theorem in the mix I'm finding the P7 scales up better.
And some people confuse warm and organic sounding with dull and veiled...
Something like the dt1350 or m500 would probably be considered by more people to be a more true and accurate hifi sound. That said I still prefer the p7 over those...
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