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I don't think anyone is recommending the P7 as the ultimate reference headphone, that would be silly.  The P7 is a very good portable headphone that sounds good enough for many people to also be their only headphone.  There are cheaper headphones like the HD600 that sound better, but obviously aren't portable.  There are cheaper headphones that are more portable but don't sound as good.  If I needed mobility and could only arrod one pair of headphones then I would...
I believe Tyll has stated in the past that he only does a full review on items he actually likes, which is why you tend not to see a lot of negative reviews on InnerFidelity.  Having read his reviews over the last couple years, I also have a good idea of what he tends to like, and the M500 don't fit that mold.  I think they're going to be too harsh sounding for his tastes, that's just my prediction though.  He's surprised me before with his thoughts on the HD800 so...
I believe Tyll only reviews headphones that he likes, and I don't see the M500 making the cut over on InnerFidelity
Well, the bass and treble both come down a bit with burn in, I found it better balanced after 50 hours or so.  I have no comfort issue, but I have slightly less than average size ears.   I'm be looking forward to your review, but your initial impressions are about what I expected you'd find given your other headphone reviews.  I'm also curious to see your measurements as well, curious if these measure like I think they sound.  I also think the HP50 is a more neutral...
Price Lowered to $125
I've heard several pair and they all sound the same to me. I have a very early pair (one of the first to show up in Dallas) and one bought just a week ago, and they both sound the same to me. The sound on these takes a while to warm up to IMO, took me several days before I decided if I liked them. Obviously we can't rule out a QC issue, but my money would be on it being a user issue.
Check out the NAD HP50 then
I doubt you'll hear a difference unless one of your cables is defective
There is no one perfect sound and we don't all like the same things, that's why we have so many choices. You like what you like, simple as that.
If you've tried them three times and don't like them then I'd say the sound is just not for you.
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