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So do we seriously have NO comparisons between the new and old version yet, or did I miss it somewhere?
I actually agree that the Momentum is a more neutral headphone as I stated earlier in this thread. The InnerFidelity review summarizes exactly how I think the P7 sounds, they key difference being that I actually LIKE that sound and am willing to give up some midrange to get the detailed sound and great imaging and soundstage. I also think the measurements are a good indication of the shape of their sound. They don't account for imaging and soundstage obviously, but...
I believe that's only an amp, not a DAC and so not really comparable to the Theorem being discussed here.
InnerFidelity review is up, seems we agree that these are better than your typical portable headphone in scalability with better sources and amps.
I notice it on mine as well, seems to pick up interference fairly easily. I don't use mine with a phone so it's not an issue for me. I would contact Cypher and report back here.
If you like the looks of Hp50 then that's an easy decision as they sound better overall than the Momentum, though they are a bit more laid back.
I've been comparing these with the P7 and Momentum for the past week, few thoughts below: The HP50 are the most neutral sounding of the three, the P7 are the most fun sounding and the Momentum is somewhere in between but with a much smaller soundstage than the other two. If I had to have only one as my only headphone I would go with the HP50 for its neutral sound, but I actually enjoy the P7 more, if that makes sense. In terms of comfort the P7 work the best for me, but...
Agreed, I'm the same way on products in general.  I'm OK paying more for something that I get a lot of regular use from.  Something like the P7, even if it costs $100 more than the competition, if I use it as much as I'm using mine I'm fine with paying the higher price.  I also don't mind paying more for better build, better design, and better materials.  That's probably why I'm an Apple guy as well...
That was my impression as well, I can even deal with the bass if they just had a bit more presence in the mids they would be perfect for me.
I'm in the same boat as you, so hopefully someone here will help us out.
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