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The Theorem 720 is a great pairing and huge improvement over iPod alone.
They scale well, it's been discussed in this thread quite a bit of you look back a few pages.
Agreed, with my Theorem 720 everything is better and not just by a little bit.
They are designed for portable use in terms of efficiency, not in terms of size or appearance IMO.  
I'm assuming he's referring to the fact that it wiggles a bit...
The hp50 is a bit more warm sounding, in comparison the PSB is a bit more forward and not as rolled off on the highs. If you're looking for gobs of detail the hp50 is not gonna do it for you.
If you find the NAD too warm then I'd suggest trying the P7
There's always a debate around that. Are you really breaking the headphones in or breaking your eras in, so to speak? Personally I don't care which is true, as long as I like the sound who cares? It's easy enough to test though, just take a new pair and an old pair and listen to them side by side and see if you can hear a difference blindfolded...
Nobody really complained about the price of the P7, and nobody is asking that they make them out of carbon fiber. Hell, make them out of the same plastic just make them with a better design, that doesn't cost a thing. I don't agree that they trounce the P7, each headphone has advantages and it comes down to which sound signature you prefer. The more I listen to the HP50 actually the less I like it, but it's still a very good headphone.
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