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Wow, very odd responses...I'm half sorry I asked.    The reason I would expect the responses here to be better, or more valuable to me anyway, than the reviews on the Apple site is because THATS WHAT WE DO HERE.  We are a specialized forum that talks about headphones.  There are specialized forums about all kinds of topics all over the internet, where people ask specific questions every day.  There are THOUSANDS of threads on here of people asking 'what should I buy'...
Im sorry, do I know you?  I assume so since you feel comfortable making personal attacks.  My remark stands as posted.  I'm not saying that NOBODY who buys from Apple knows sound, but the general public does not have the same appreciation or understanding of sound that we do, otherwise there would be 300 million members of this forum...   By the way, take a look at the reviews of the Bose headphones on the Apple site.  According to the reviews on that site, ALL 3 pair of...
The problem there is that most people wouldn't know good sound if it bit them in the ass, which is why I'm asking here on a specialized forum vs reading reviews from a bunch of people who don't know squat.     Thanks for the input so far though, looking into the sugggestions above.
I'm still loving my PSBs.  Mine do have the cracking issue and I need to get them replaced, but seems that PSB is on top of the issue with a fix, all I need to do is get them replaced.   These still aren't the final word in detail, but their overall sound is just spectacular, and I enjoy listening to them more than other cans that may provide better detail.
I"m trying to build a good portable setup, and am looking for IEMs that will work well with an iPod.  I have an iPod classic and have swapped out the drive with a 250GB drive that I have loaded with lossless audio.  I"m wanting the best sound I can get driven directly from an iPod, not looking to carry around an amp, not even something small like the CMOY designs.   I currently have a pair of PSB M4U2 headphones that I drive from the iPod and they sound SUPERB, but I...
OK I've got pictures uploaded, see link below.  I did my best to get good pics but if you want to see a particular angle differently let me know.   https://picasaweb.google.com/Danny.Scarbrough/HD600?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCIWJps23ksqy4QE&feat=directlink
Is anyone picking these up locally, or are they still only available through razordogdeals?
I've had lots of PMs on these, will post pictures tonight when get home.     I'll know for sure tonight, but these are very likely spoken for at this point.
I have a pair of HD600 in excellent condition that I'd like to sell.  These are several years old but are in excellent condition, low hours.  They've only had about 15 hours of playback and are not even broken in yet.     I have two pair of HD600 and am going to keep my pair that's already broken in with several hundred hours.  I'm going in another direction in building my second rig, hence the sale on these.   I can take some pictures this evening if there's...
The QC issue with the headband is a problem, but they're working on it and will get it figured out.   I can pretty much guarantee you that the Momentum will not sound as good as the PSB.  I'm ordering both the Momentum and the M100 as well and would love either of those to sound better than the PSB as they're both better looking and likely better built, but I don't see either one of those performing on par with the PSB.
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