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I have a pair of HD600 in excellent condition that I'd like to sell.  These are several years old but are in excellent condition, low hours.  They've only had about 15 hours of playback and are not even broken in yet.     I have two pair of HD600 and am going to keep my pair that's already broken in with several hundred hours.  I'm going in another direction in building my second rig, hence the sale on these.   I can take some pictures this evening if there's...
The QC issue with the headband is a problem, but they're working on it and will get it figured out.   I can pretty much guarantee you that the Momentum will not sound as good as the PSB.  I'm ordering both the Momentum and the M100 as well and would love either of those to sound better than the PSB as they're both better looking and likely better built, but I don't see either one of those performing on par with the PSB.
I can't wait to hear these and the M100
I"m not sure, but the iDevice cable isn't even fully functional, with no volume controls.
I can't wait to hear impressions of these.  An in depth review is always great, but even a very simplistic 'they sound similar to X headphone' would be helpful for those of us looking to pick up a pair.
It won't sound THAT bad with iTunes not changing the sample rate. Do yourself a favor though and get bitperfect or amarra hifi
Jude, would love to read your impression of these, unless I've missed it somewhere. I assume that they couldn't have been too impressive but I'd love to be wrong
I can't wait to hear first impressions on these. I love my PSB but something with a less obtrusive look and great sound might work better for the office.
Well that's a huge bummer about the cable.  I was hoping for a cable option that has a volume control, but I guess not.
When are these going to ship? Site shows 45 to 60 days
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