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Well it sounds very balanced to me, and the FR curve I've seen posted online validates what I'm hearing so that's good enough for me.
I disagree.  While they don't sound exactly like the HD600, I wouldn't say they sound completely dissimilar.  To me they have a similar overall sound signature, with both having a more laid back presentation and neither being overly bright or detailed.  Of course there are more differences than similarities, but they're not on opposite ends of the spectrum.  By the way, the FR curve on the Momentum looks fairly balanced as well.
Well for me the HD600 is still my favorite Sennheiser can overall, especially with my Cardas Silver cable.  I REALLY like the Momentum, and it may be a better overall headphone but given my musical tastes the one area where the HD600 really wins (soundstage) happens to be one of the most critical.  The Momentum has good soundstage for a closed can, but can't compete with the HD600 especially with really big music like classical or movie scores.   
The Momentum is a much closer sound to the HD600 than the HD800.  It doesn't sound exactly like the HD600, but I find the sound signature similar and I really like both headphones.
Any takers at $275?   I'll actually be picking this up on Thursday, so these will ship Thursday afternoon.
Bump.  My dealer got the replacements in today and I'll be picking them up tomorrow, so these are ready to go.
Is there a thread somewhere with reviews only?  I'd like to provide my thoughts and compare with others as well, but don't want to wade through 694 pages to do so.
Hello all, I've got a pair of these headphones for sale.  I've posted my thoughts on these a couple times here and elsewhere, they're wonderful headphones.   The reason I'm selling these is that I recently bought another pair in white and I don't need two pair.  These are an early production run pair and do have the cracking headband issue that existed on those early models.  I'm therefore having PSB replace these, and will have the replacement from them in a couple...
Yeah I think how they fit has a great deal of impact on how they sound.  I have smalle ears and they fit well inside the cups, so they are truly around the ear for me.  I did play with the positioning though and got them to sit on my ears on one side and it has a material impact on the sound.  So here's my conclusion:   If these happen to fit you correctly they have a superb sound, but given their size the fit can be problematic for people with larger ears and that...
These will likely be too small for you
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