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Go through PSB, they'll get you a pair of the newer corrected version, whereas going through the retailer you may end up with another defective pair.
Yeah I'll stick with my original version...
Sorry guys these are sold
we didn't get as far as them actually sending it since mine is fine, I was more just testing their support...
Funny, I just called them with your scenario and they offered to send me one for free. You must have really bad luck with customer service, perhaps you should stop buying things altogether...
wow, you must have had a horrible experience with sennheiser in the past...I've never dealt with them personally, but my guess is that they'll take care of you. It's ridiculous though to expect a product of any type with a zero defect rate, much less a $300 headphone.
I'm sensitive to that as well and had to return several headphones because of it, glad to hear I'm not the only one. I have no issues like this on the PSB, although they don't cancel quite as well as the Bose
I got mine open box at a magnolia inside a best buy for $250, that's probably your best bet if you can find a pair
Well it sounds very balanced to me, and the FR curve I've seen posted online validates what I'm hearing so that's good enough for me.
I disagree.  While they don't sound exactly like the HD600, I wouldn't say they sound completely dissimilar.  To me they have a similar overall sound signature, with both having a more laid back presentation and neither being overly bright or detailed.  Of course there are more differences than similarities, but they're not on opposite ends of the spectrum.  By the way, the FR curve on the Momentum looks fairly balanced as well.
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