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I'm curious how this would compare with something like the HiFi M8, or my Theorem 720?
I have a similar question regarding comparison to the Theorem 720.  My guess based on price is that the Oppo isn't really designed to compete with either of those devices and is more along the lines of the Fiio gear, but I'd love to be wrong about that.
I'm curious, has anyone received and tested the HA-2 yet?  I see it's available on their site now but am not seeing any review or first impressions online, anyone here actually heard one yet?  I didn't see if on the page, but did get confirmation from Oppo that this will work with the iPod Classic.   I'm wondering if I can replace my Theorem 720 with one of these, I love that device but the HA-2 is thinner enough to make it usable in more circumstances.
I'm attaching photos as promised, sorry these aren't better quality but I'm in between camera gear at the moment.  In the process of taking pictures I did a thorough examination and found zero flaws, this is in perfect condition as my original post indicated.  I have the accessories and also have the invoice that I'll be including in the box as well.  This was purchased from Magnolia in May of 2013 who is an authorized dealer for Oppo, and this unit still has half a year...
Sorry for the slow response on this, have not had an opportunity to take more photos yet and I had another sale lined up that fell through.  I will take and post pictures tomorrow.  As for the finish, the player only comes in one color that Oppo calls black, but it's not the standard finish that you find on a lot of other players and receivers.  It almost has a texture to it, I think it's a fairly unique finish and I like it.   Unrelated question, does anybody know...
Price lowered
This player needs no introduction so I'll skip the superlatives.  I've had it for just over a year and it has been perfect, but going with a dedicated 2 channel system now and don't need all the functionality the Oppo offers.   It's in perfect condition and comes with the original box and accessories.  Sorry the photos aren't better, in between real camera gear at the moment.   $900 + Shipping and Paypal, a check or MO is fine as well.   I have perfect feedback here...
I have two copies of these titles on Blu-Ray (bought the sets individually as they were released and then received the combo box set for Christmas), so I can let one go. I'd like to sell these as a bundle, have them packed up and ready to go. I'm including the Amazon links below for the exact items I"m selling. Band of Brother Blu-Ray The Pacific Blu-Ray I also have room in the box for a couple concert DVDs, so I will include any two of the concert DVDs below:   Diana...
I also have a Nikon 55-200mm that I'll include in the package for a total of $550 or sell outright for $100
Yes I do, I bought them at the Apple store for $399 and have the receipt they emailed me.
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