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Sorry I missed it then, I've responded to dozens of PMs, most wanting me to ship overseas.
Huh?  I don't see anything from you here or in my inbox, what did I miss?
Pics Added
I no longer have a use for a pair of closed over-ear headphones so am moving these along to someone who can use them.  These have about 100 hours total on them, 50 of break in and 50 of actual time worn on head.  As a result, these are fully broken in and yet look and feel brand new.   These are in perfect condition and like new with original box and accessories, all of which are also in perfect condition.     My asking price includes shipping within the CONUS
He didn't say he cared about someone else thinking he's an idiot. He said HE would feel like an idiot. Two very different things.
The HiFi M8 is more versatile but is larger, the Theorem is smaller and has a much longer battery life and will charge idevices, but doesn't have as many connections. They both sound really great, so it comes down to what you want.
I've got an iPhone 5 that I'm looking to pass along, white AT&T model 32GB in size. The phone is in perfect condition, absolutely mint with zero signs that it's ever even been used.  Even the accessories are perfect in their original unopened state. Were it not for the fact that the box isn't sealed you wouldn't be able to tell this from a new phone. I'd like to get $325 for it, cheaper than eBay prices and you're guaranteed a perfect phone and smooth transaction, can't...
Yes the dragonfly is a dac and amp
The Theorem is only a USB DAC, so you'd need your Touch modded to send audio over the USB
Why not get the P7?
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