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Up for sale I have an AK100 II (second generation) DAP, this can be used as either a DAP or a USB DAC. As usual with all my gear it's in mint condition and comes with the box and accessories. The player has 64GB and I'm including a 128GB card, both of which are currently loaded with music.
Since the player is worthless by itself, just sell different versions of the player with the various amps and then also sell the amps separately so that people can switch them out. This seems like such an obvious solution to me and assures that nobody ends up with a player that's essentially a paper weight. I'm sure most people will figure things out and end up buying an amp module, but there's no reason they should have to figure it out when the solution to avoid any...
I agree this is pretty dumb, I was thinking we'd get a model to use as a transport
That is actually exactly how I have mine tagged.  I have the track number in the file name, for the tags I have a script that strips that off into the track number and then removes it from the track name metadata.  I've double checked the files in iTunes and JRiver and all show the correct track numbers but for some reason the AK player is ignoring them.  They get sorted fine in those players, on my Pono and my iPods...it's only the AK player that has an issue.  I've tried...
I'm having the worst time getting things to sort correctly on my AK100 II, does anyone know which tag AK uses to sort songs within an album?   Most albums are fine, but some have the songs out of order even though the track number tags are fine
I've moved on to an AK player for my portable needs, so I'm gonna let the Pono go to a new home. I posted about the player on another forum when I first bought it and had a couple followup posts along the way, I was fair with my comments pointing out the pros and cons with this player so I'd suggest reading through if you're looking at one of these. I'll link that thread below.   http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/comment/2134667#Comment_2134667   The Pono has 64GB...
I currently have the Fidelio X2 and have been enjoying them since release date, but would like to see if I can move up the chain a little.  The problem is I've been out of the audio game for a while and haven't kept up with newer models and such, that's where I'm hoping you guys can help.   Essentially what I'm looking for is something that has a similar sound signature to the X2 (I tend to like a 'fun' sounding headphone that's very musical, nothing too laid back and...
Anyone know if Astell&Kern is running a special with this show like they did with RMAF last year?
Still available
Here is a review by our own Jude on YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmtd7m_3lw8
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