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He didn't say he cared about someone else thinking he's an idiot. He said HE would feel like an idiot. Two very different things.
The HiFi M8 is more versatile but is larger, the Theorem is smaller and has a much longer battery life and will charge idevices, but doesn't have as many connections. They both sound really great, so it comes down to what you want.
I've got an iPhone 5 that I'm looking to pass along, white AT&T model 32GB in size. The phone is in perfect condition, absolutely mint with zero signs that it's ever even been used.  Even the accessories are perfect in their original unopened state. Were it not for the fact that the box isn't sealed you wouldn't be able to tell this from a new phone. I'd like to get $325 for it, cheaper than eBay prices and you're guaranteed a perfect phone and smooth transaction, can't...
Yes the dragonfly is a dac and amp
The Theorem is only a USB DAC, so you'd need your Touch modded to send audio over the USB
Why not get the P7?
I also hear the interference but since I only use with an iPod Classic it's not a problem for me, Cypher really shouldn't market this for use with cell phones though. That last photo in the post above is mine, and I can say that it doesn't put nearly as much pressure on the headphone cable as that photo may imply. The cables do touch but there's really no pressure. Given the drawbacks the Theorem isn't for everyone, but if it suits your needs it sounds fantastic. I...
That's my portable gear...
The Theorem 720 is a great pairing and huge improvement over iPod alone.
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