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I hope that the cheapest model of these new iems will be at least on par with cx-500. Current cx line is not sounding good for their MSRP's by todays standarts.
I dunno about iem's (I dont have any other then re 400B in possesion), but on full sized momentums the sound stage locks inside the head when used withot the adapter.  I've seen measurments that the channel separation (hope that I translated the term correctly) without adapter is only 18 dB istead of 90 or something. This is pretty much what I hear on momentum - the crosstalk is so big that stereo image is severely reduced
You get almost mono sound
 Nowdays, a functioning 272 is so rare that probably only you and a small bunch of people can try it on 700 and provide some impressions... I've never seen anyone talking about using 252, 262, 272 or re-zero balanced on hm-700. I've even tried to get a used pair of older balanced re's, but failed to find any. In case of 400's going balanced on HM700 has clear benefits to my ears (my GF owns normal re-400, so I did a comparsion)
Hm, I thought that 272 come balanced by default. So probably it would be a good idea to get hm 700 for re-272's
 How often - depends on how much earwax is produced by one's ears. I havent replaced filters for 3.5 month, and everything is fine for now. Once I accidentally broke a filter while changing eartips - so i just took it off with my nails, then scrubbed off the sticky parts from the inner surface (they didnt just come off with the filter, sennheiser cleaning tool was useful here for me - but something like a needle will work) . After that you should just put the new filter...
150 kg 250 kg 580 kg
 Prior to re-400 I had a sennheiser IE-6, they are bassy headphones, just like your S4. First I've upgraded IE-6 with much better, but still bassy full size cans - sennheiser momentum. I enjoyed the momentum, but when I've got RE-400 with completely different sound signature I was very very impressed. A whole new sound world to explore. 
Hifiman RE-400 - I am so amazed with them that I'm just speechless. I've got 'phones worth 4+ times of their price that are just barely about on par with the RE-400's for 99$. Amazing detail retrieval, neutrality, treble, fast polite bass. Any music with natural instruments is a revelation on them. Though have to say that I have modified version with balanced cord - theoretically it has bigger and more 3d soundstage then "normal" version. Also - if you love electronic...
I'm amazed that amperior is still in stock and on sale... Many people are are payng twice of it's price for much-much crappier phones... Wish I had a free 179 $ - I'd buy it even tomorrow then
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