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I once had the same problem on startup screen scan long time ago. I managed to fix it with resetting and erasing everything from memory (dont remember in which order unfortunately).
 Wow, amazing! Good find! 
Would like to see your review of the original momentum over-ear too!
Looks very professional to me, especially the interchangeble cable solutionThere is nothing said about international clients, but you could always try to contact them via email - , I'm sure that they can speak english there in moscow
 Well, thats true that everyone hears things differently... Personally I think that se-215 is just utter garbage compared even to the re-400, save for 600's
Good luck with using 650 on a bus.
 Hey, just dont forget to post 'em, ok? You had some serios hardware, so I'm very interested to hear what do you think of the combo
 Three clicks up from possible max five clicks on 50 hz
True. And true that re-400 can be tweaked with eq to have a lot of subbass. I'm listening on HM-700 and eq'ed a few notches  up at 50 Hz re-400b has more subbass than full sized momentum. And it does it without losing anything in mids and highs - amazing, I must say.
maybe you should change your perception? Thick and dark sound sig is good for intended purpose - outdoor use. Also, if someone has bass bleed problems with big momentums i suggest using EQ, minus few dB at 50 and 200 Hz makes them almost reference cans.
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