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Can someone compare M1060 vs HE-400i
Reason for deleting   Dear Vartan, My name is Pavlo Shymanovych representing Rinaro Isodynamics Limited. Today you have posted information about one of our headphones that have not yet been released to the public. Please treat this information as confidential and delete it from your your page ASAP. Please also advice us where you have sourced this information from. Thank you for cooperation. Best, Pavlo Shymanovych
 Your welcome!My iCan is old version, but with bottom gain switch.iCan have more then enough power for HE400i on 0dB gain.You can even listen to heavily compressed (with very low dynamic range) song DR3 or DR4.Just turn volume down to 9 o'clock.
I have old version iCan micro.Highly recommended very solid combo, treble range is very good. Harsh or sibilance in highs not detected*.Bass is perfect, but for bass heavy songs you can use XBass (one dot).  *But my DAC(Asus xonar ST) output is warm.  BB1792 -> LME49990 -> LM4562 -> iCan
iCAN on my desk
 Nice combo of power and music!
Maybe in March
Does the RCA line out when set to direct on the iDSD BL operates in pure class A?
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