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Snapped a beauty shot of my HE-400i today, and felt like sharing.  
 Mine have been lying in a drawer for a long time. I only realized recently that I hadn't tried the impedance adapter on them, and that the result might be similar to the Etymotic IEMs where they become more cold and analytical, aswell as gaining some more perceived precision and detail from the more "flabby" stock config. Really digging these now. No hassle with deep insertion (I use a pair of tips that barely form a seal, and they maintain their sound where as Etymotic...
Thought I would add that adding the Etymotic impedance adapter to the PL50 has some interesting results. It takes them into a leaner, less mid-centric direction. Couple that with the right tips, in my case a pair which has a slightly loose fit around the barrel so the lower frequencies are just slightly relaxed compared to a tighter fit, and these produce a sound not too dissimilar to the Ety ER4S. Compared to the Ety they have less of that upper-midrange color, and are...
I just realized I've never thought about wind noise with the GR07. I've been on long walks with them but never actively registered if they produce lots of noise or not.     EDIT: Also, for no reason in particular, another image of my GR07:  
I'm curious how many here have done any grill mods on their 400i?   Just removing the cloth from the stock grill cleaned the sound up to a very noticeable degree, removing very noticeable reflections that make the stock configuration sound fairly "boxed in". Plus it made the midrange sound more natural in general aswell, after getting rid of the reflection from the cloth (the cloth is actually quite dense weave, blowing on it once I took it off reveals that it doesn't...
It does come across as lowpassed in some way, hihats and cymbals in particular are quite far away and not very present. Definitely not treble-centric in sound.
Snapped some pictures of my AN16 that I felt like sharing since I spent some time on them. Lazy saturdays are awesome.   Full size: http://i.imgur.com/pnNiB2C.jpg   Full size: http://i.imgur.com/3wCnhTS.jpg     Hope everyone has a great weekend!
I'd say to my ears, the difference is one of frequency response. My AN16 is quite mid-centric and on the bassy side. The GR07 has a brighter treble, perhaps by as much as 4-5dB or such. AN16 also seems to roll off the treble at the upper end more, leading to a slightly more muffled, wooly sound in comparison. As for imaging and texture, the AN16 sounds very much like the GR07 classic to me.
I live in Sweden but I used DHL express and after the first failed delivery, they left a slip in my mailbox that I could sign with relevant info and leave on the door. Then I could go to a DHL page, enter the tracking number and select a new day for a 2nd delivery attempt. On that day, they showed up and accepted my signed slip that I taped on my apartment door as a valid signature. I instructed them to leave the parcel in the mailbox if there was enough room. Hey...
 Same for me, the cable seems ever so slightly too big for the cinch, i've gotten in into a good general position where it will stay.
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