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I emailed Lend Me UR Ears and they shared this info:   There will be a new GR07 known as GR07X. They feature an improvement in sound signature over the original GR07 and you can have the option of changing the 3.5mm jack to balanced connectors. They will come in various colors but we will be only carrying the black colour. We are not sure of the ETA at the moment but it should be in the next 1 month.   Also a GR07 with metal housing would be kind of sweet.
 Socket problem with a device it sounds like. I'm guessing you are getting sound atleast from one earpiece when plugged into the windows phone?
I think, from my experience with some Vsonics, most of the Vsonic IEMs have that 3-4k dip that couples with the rise to the treble to emphesize the various overtones in a colored way. The dip in particular tends to pull back some presence and makes the mids sound distant. The presence knob on guitar amplifiers tend to only touch that general area and more presence = louder 3-4K area. Plus the New VSD3S I have is quite dry, which also can make for almost a vibrating,...
Thanks for the info! Can't wait if that's the case.
 I realize I don't remember where I got these tips from. They were likely bundled with some other IEM at some point. Sorry. :) I do like the VSD3S more with wider bore tips that give some extra air between the eardrum and driver.
  New VSD3S. Kodak Film.   Full size: http://i.imgur.com/u5uKOAn.jpg
 Definitely agree. I'd love to see Vsonic put out a great earphone with a Sony EX1000-inspired screw-on MMCX cable, that securely locks into place and won't allow any movement. Or something similar.
Regarding the earguides, if you can find tape that will adhere to the earguide material, you could probably place 2-3 thin strips of tape around the beginning and end of the tube to avoid the cable jumping out. I like Vsonic not permanently attaching the earguides, since you could replace it with another one if desired. :)
 VSD5 is quite treble happy, so I'd say the "new vsd3s" is your best best, though the original VSD3 (not S) might have a bit more bass emphasis than the S version. I've not heard the VSD1 however, so that might possibly be closer in terms of frequency response.
Has anyone using Noble IEMs tried the Etymotic adapter/resistor cable with their IEM to see how the tuning changes? I have an ER4 aswell hence the adapter.   The Noble 4 that I own gets a more mid-centric sound that I've grown to love even over the stock tuning. I don't believe there's any harm to using this kind of adapter to alter the frequency response either.   Just curious.
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