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I think the GR07s feel quite solid. They do lack a good strain relief on both the earphone and plug end, the cable goes into hard plastic essentially. The plug is angled though so it's generally easy to not have ot pointing into pockets or such.   And I use the included earguides when wearing them, which means that any tension in the cable is generally dissipated by the earguide over your ear, it never feels like the cable is tugging on the actual driver or housing.
 Well, to be fair, after a few years of owning a camera and being so focused on lights, the sun and highlight gradients in photos, I regularly find myself staring into the sun thinking "this isn't so bad, I don't get what the problem is..." before averting them more for pure self-preservation. I guess my brain just doesn't care about certain things anymore. ;)
 Hey, no problemo, glad to do it. I should definitely clarify what I meant to say with the sibilance part, it looks completely idiotic currently.What I meant to emphasize was that the GR07 "at rest" isn't weighted all that much towards the treble and is quite warm overall. The sibilance, which I agree is definitely there, comes from the dynamic range, and is, atleast for me, a positive rather than a negative, because it doesn't try to hold back. It will "come alive" when...
 I'll try. So for tonality and timbre I'll use some tracks: 1. Guitar strings and reverberation: Estas Tonne - Internal Flight ( Metal drums, and metal guitars/bass: Soilwork - Let This River Flow ( Orchestral: Open/Dynamic - James Newton Howard - Those We Don't Speak Of (The Village) ( Orchestral: - Dense/thick - Don Davis - The Matrix...
 Thank you. I'm always afraid I'm not objective enough, even though I trust my ears from alot of experience. More so in this case since I own 4 Gr07s and probably atleast one more in the future before they may be phased out from Vsonic for successors.
 Hey, thanks to you kind sir. I tried the stock tips for the Havi but found the grey-orange tips to be a bit too rubbery and sticky for my ears, I'm sure they'd be better once worn for a while, they tend to become softer and less "grippy". I now use a pair of slightly oval, smooth,grey silicone tips with fairly similar hole diameter. I've got a good collection of tips at this point so fortunately I always have something that tends to work out.
 Hey Skies. :) Sure thing. I've only listened to the Havi for a few hours combined, so these are some pretty early impressions. Mainly used an M-Audio Revolution PC Card out to a Schiit Magni for amplification.  Frequency response The Havi has a generally more even response, particularly in the treble (hhe GR07 having its intentional focus points). I do find that the Havi is a bit prominent in the 3.5K area for my tastes, dropping that down 2-3dB helps make it sound...
I recently got the B3 Pro 1 from LMUE.   Since they're quite pretty with the glass faceplate and general shape I figured I'd share a picture of my pair, as I've done with my GR07s over on those threads.       Full resolution:
Thanks man.   Might aswell link the full resolution images if they might be useful however. 
I shared some images of my Classics in the GR07 impressions thread and was encouraged to post them here aswell, if someone might enjoy it. Just some eye candy, nothing more.        
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