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Cannot wait.
I've had some luck with cutting some very narrow strips of electrical tape and putting it under/up to the first lip of the VSD3/5 IEM nozzle. That gives it a thicker diameter, and tips will be more snug fitting thanks to it, and the lip will better prevent them from slipping off.
A few weeks with my U3. Still in love. It's perfect in any way I can think of or could want. Fit, listening comfort, sound balance and quality. Excellent craftmanship and engineering, so pleased. Thanks to anyone who were a part of creating them.  
 ADEL modules are too wide/too thin?
 Like ClieOS said, LMUE. I checked with them recently and their Silver and Maroon GR07s are the "New" version. The Blue version is apparantly still the old, as that color is being phased out, or something like that. So if you get silver or maroon GR07 from LMUE you're bound to get a "New" version.
Really glad I took the plunge on a pair of universal U3s.   Definitely my favourite IEMs I've heard so far. Lovely balance, warmth, fatigue-free sound and superb clarity, no sibilance and the treble in general is really nice sounding aswell.   Plus using them with silicon tips (spinfits so far) and no discomfort at all. If I ever upgrade, it will be from 64 audio. And really nice packaging and presentation of the IEMs.     A few hours in and I couldn't be more...
 So the comfort of a vented dynamic-driver IEM, only with BAs. Thanks for chiming in, I appreciate the feedback. :)
The nighthawks are getting more and more exclusivity on my head after a few weeks of ownership. They have an overall edge of precision, on top of a softer cushion of warmth It's kind of a great blend of a precise, dynamic sound mixed equally with a softer, thicker, slightly diffused cloud.   I'd recommend anyone with the Nighthawks to check this video, wonderful vocal performance, and the ambience on the low mids of the guitars and harmonies work really well on the...
Hey everyone.   I've been eyeing a pair of universals to get away from the vacuum seal of armature designs which I can't tolerate due to comfort.   Does anyone have any feelings on the U3 vs the U4? The U3 looks appealing due to the mid-focus and hopefully non-fatiguing presentation as far as treble goes. On the other hand the U4 seems to have a warmer tilt with a slight treble elevation.   Also are the apex modules really allowing for essentially "suction-free"...
New Posts  All Forums: