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Regarding the earguides, if you can find tape that will adhere to the earguide material, you could probably place 2-3 thin strips of tape around the beginning and end of the tube to avoid the cable jumping out. I like Vsonic not permanently attaching the earguides, since you could replace it with another one if desired. :)
 VSD5 is quite treble happy, so I'd say the "new vsd3s" is your best best, though the original VSD3 (not S) might have a bit more bass emphasis than the S version. I've not heard the VSD1 however, so that might possibly be closer in terms of frequency response.
Has anyone using Noble IEMs tried the Etymotic adapter/resistor cable with their IEM to see how the tuning changes? I have an ER4 aswell hence the adapter.   The Noble 4 that I own gets a more mid-centric sound that I've grown to love even over the stock tuning. I don't believe there's any harm to using this kind of adapter to alter the frequency response either.   Just curious.
I posted my review of the pre-release version I was sent, I agree with most here that there's a lot of like if the frequency response is in your sweetspot: http://www.head-fi.org/products/shozy-zero-iem/reviews/16251
I've had the Zero for a few weeks now, and my impressions should hopefully be posted in a few days at most. They're quite positive despite the Shozy Zero not really being my preferred signature or presentation.   I had the opportunity to snap a picture of them on film rather than digital, so I thought I'd share it for those that like the design and look of them.  
  I checked my Silver GR07 (owned them about 18 months I think), and mine also have a crack around the same area. Both L and R actually. Never noticed it before. So far no change in sound noticed.
Likewise, checking my mailbox everyday. ;)
Meaning different wood color/lightness on left and right earpiece? Would make it easier to tell L from R. :)
I kind of hope so, one the one hand I really like the VSD5 for its really fast, snappy sound, but the recent Vsonic trend of tissy/peaky upper treble is kind of getting a bit annoying for me, So I would really like a more upper-mid focused version.
Vsonic recently refreshed the VSD3S to the New VSD3S.   I wonder if the New VSD5S will be a bigger change since they added the S moniker at the end. The VSD3S is, I believe, slightly flatter in the mids and lower in the bass over the VSD3. So we'll se if the same type of change will happen for the VSD5S, or if they just added it to further avoid confusion with the original VSD5.
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