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the price dropped to 1950. it is new in box, never hooked up and sells for $4450 from Norway and is a very very well received and reviewed product 
lol ts not like i siad they shouldnt sell to them and only in the US
its a mystery to me, why with all this interest, philips just doesnt sell these in the US?
When are you guys gonna bona fide stereo amps .... a 100 watts power amp
do you mind giving us the link to this product? i dont see a penon iem listed anywhere on the site.
it's 2.5 meters long with the travel case and the papers and all original packaging and everything. 
not that i think i can sell it here but Audiogon didnt work so i thought i put it here maybe someone is moving up market here as i'm moving down and who knows it might just work :D   Brand New in original packaging and everything. The factory direct sell price is $4450 My whole stereo system is worth almost what this cable costs so i decided that I should be logical and sell this to buy other more practical components with the funds .... i dont ever see my stereo...
interested in trading with my Asynch DSD DAc/Amp? LHLABS Geek out 1000? 
it's actually ideal for driving the HD800 since the designer has voiced it with his own HD800.
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