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they are perfect in every way. less than 50 hours on them. they sound wonderful and I have tested every function and they both work perfectly. Fully balanced dual mono femto clock and the upgraded 3 watrts headphone amplifier. they both are in boxes so i dont see how. im selling because im moving and im not taking these or any hifi equipment with me. they sound beautiful. most of these 50 hours has been this DAc set up with an AYRE integrated and some kef speakers for an...
actually i changed carrier two months ago abd they were supposed to port my number but as of today they havent so thay gave me a temporary number and free service until they port my number . so i can be reached at: 8599791695 right now
no i kinda gave up on selling them. 
the price dropped to 1950. it is new in box, never hooked up and sells for $4450 from Norway and is a very very well received and reviewed product 
lol ts not like i siad they shouldnt sell to them and only in the US
its a mystery to me, why with all this interest, philips just doesnt sell these in the US?
When are you guys gonna bona fide stereo amps .... a 100 watts power amp
do you mind giving us the link to this product? i dont see a penon iem listed anywhere on the site.
it's 2.5 meters long with the travel case and the papers and all original packaging and everything. 
not that i think i can sell it here but Audiogon didnt work so i thought i put it here maybe someone is moving up market here as i'm moving down and who knows it might just work :D   Brand New in original packaging and everything. The factory direct sell price is $4450 My whole stereo system is worth almost what this cable costs so i decided that I should be logical and sell this to buy other more practical components with the funds .... i dont ever see my stereo...
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