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     Something really awesome I ordered 4 of these @ $15 (LME 49860 ): 4 of these @ $150 (Burson V5i): replace the OPA1612 in this DAC.well the Burson is gonna take 10 days to get here but the TI chips just arrived 25 miutes ago and I installed them right away with the interntion to leave them playing...
I have ordered the new Burson V5i (x4) and the venerable LME49860 (x4) to roll. right now my LKA DA003 has 4 OPA1612 in the output. so ill be replacing all 4 and listening. 
I have Burson's new integrated V5i on order and LME49860 on order to try in place of OPA1612.    I bought 4x LME49860 for 15 bucks and 4x Burson V5i for 140 bucks.    i have no idea what to expect im just gonna try them and see what i hear. 
would this be advisbale to buy?\     چاکر افشین خان. خوبی حاجی؟
My DAC uses 4x OPA1612A in the output stage as you see in this picture. would anyone have any experience upgrading these?  
Guys im thinking of upgrading the opamps and im gonna get either Sparko or Sonic Imagery. the problem is I dont know what is the difference betwen the dual ones that have two pcb mounted on top of each other and sngle ones. are both compatible? what is the difference between them?
I would love yo know people's impressions as well/ has anyone tried it? im also interested in using it as a pre amp.
Thet still offer this thing with just redbook pllayback. thats just crazy. i love BC Audio
i never win anything. but here goes. for the win
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