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I would love yo know people's impressions as well/ has anyone tried it? im also interested in using it as a pre amp.
Thet still offer this thing with just redbook pllayback. thats just crazy. i love BC Audio
i never win anything. but here goes. for the win
Pulse XFi Fully balanced dual mono femto clock + amp upgrade $2400 MSRP http://marketplace.lhlabs.com/products/pulse-xfi-dac-headphone-amplifier LPS4 $900 MSRP  http://marketplace.lhlabs.com/products/linear-power-supply-4-lps4 LightSpeed 10G $1000 MSRP  http://marketplace.lhlabs.com/products/lightspeed-10g-usb-cable LighSpeed 1G $140 MSRP http://marketplace.lhlabs.com/products/lightspeed-1g-usb-cable   all together $1700       they are perfect in every way....
actually i changed carrier two months ago abd they were supposed to port my number but as of today they havent so thay gave me a temporary number and free service until they port my number . so i can be reached at: 8599791695 right now
no i kinda gave up on selling them. 
the price dropped to 1950. it is new in box, never hooked up and sells for $4450 from Norway and is a very very well received and reviewed product 
lol ts not like i siad they shouldnt sell to them and only in the US
its a mystery to me, why with all this interest, philips just doesnt sell these in the US?
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