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I using 64gb Samsung, for me Sandisk 128GB still at the expensive site~~
Wow looks like kind of complicated LOL~
The UI is stable and don't really have any big issue nor mess but not too friendly, what I mean is it can be improve more on the friendly way.
Yeah, fantastic sound from DX90 but UI can be improve LOL
I don't see that the BA's or the dynamic drivers are better, I listened to really bad BA's & really good BA's same thing to dynamics.
LOL, this proof we all sometimes do makes some real stupid mistake including myself
2014/02/14 for mine~~
Oh yeah 846 sub blow your ears off!!!!!
Oh my.......but I really haven't heard of the Roxannes yet, some people around me prefer it than the 846, I guess is up to individual to choose what they really like.
I didn't hear any immediate differences between my iPod touch 5 & my DX90 too, I did notice there is a little bit more details on the DX90, at first I was quite disappointing. Yes, after about 2 weeks of 100 hour burning I realise there is big difference between them,  the bass, mids, high, soundstage, details everything is different & better. (Don't get me wrong iPod touch 5 sounded not too bad though) BTW I don't use any EQ on both iPod touch 5 & DX90 with mid & high gain.
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