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I don't use any effects with J River in order to get bit perfect output to my DAC which I get with Foobar. If I had $50 to burn I'd go with J River. I've used the trial version and know what it's about. It's a great program, but I'd be paying for a lot of things I have no reason to have. Like video for one. 
Which DSP functions do you utilize?
Been there, done that. That's how I came to my conclusion. Hey J River is a cool program and if I had a spare $50 to spend on software I'd probably go for it. But I can think of a lot of things I'd rather spend that money on.
I have used both programs extensively and I can't detect any difference in sound quality if both are in WASAPI mode. If you're into audio only IMHO J River is a waste of $50. I use ALAC or AIFF files with a HeadRoom Micro Amp and DAC. HiFiMAN HE-400 'phones. Other gizmos as well that I won't go into.
It's not like removing grills off of loudspeakers. Your ears are inches away and that fabric is acoustically transparent. One thing I''ve never been able to use and that's ear buds and in-ear devices. I was on a commuter train and I counted 23 people mostly with iPods and those wonderful $5 ear buds that come stock. I put on a pair of Sennheiser PX-100's and people actually complained to the point the conductor told me to turn 'em down or off. HE-400's would give people a...
I don't know, man. I think I'll let discretion be the better part of valor. I don't see how that mod would improve soundstage. Get an amp with a crossfeed circuit or some software that offers it like JRiver.
Nope, not you my man.
You mean you took off the ear pads and removed the thin acoustic transparent material that covers the planar elements? Aren't you worried you'll damage the drivers? I think that at the very least would void the HiFiMAN warranty. Listening to Blood on the Tracks...
I used to live in central Illinois and there were mice in the ceiling. Could hear the little bastards scurrying around at night. I brought back a Great plains rat snake from a visit to Texas. Bought these "Have-a-Heart" traps. A little peanut butter and instant snake food. Then my landlord set out poison and that ended that. Could feed a poisoned mouse to my snake and well.... I owned 9 at one time, but my pilot light went out on my furnace in the dead of winter while I...
New Posts  All Forums: