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Phil Spector cried out for mono on his way to prison. In case he was a little before your time, he invented the "Wall of Sound" and reproduced Abby Road. He was a crazy genius and one of the most successful  producers in the industry. Then he shot one of his ladies and wound up in The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. There was a bio-drama about him on HBO with Al Pacino portraying him. He liked women and firearms. So now he's rotting in a prison...
Or Nickel Back.
Don't mean to disagree by I find electronic crossfeed indispensable especially with hard-panned music from the early days of stereo when engineers and producers were "pan-happy" putting instruments hard left and right like most Beatles recordings. In fact I leave my switch on 80% of the time. Yeah it makes center instruments including vocals a bit bass heavy. In fact I'm hanging onto my HeadRoom Micro amp just for that option. I always A-B any stereo music I listen to and...
1- The Beatles
I'm not ignoring other files! I'm just concentrating on music files. I'm doing this as I rip music files onto my HD. I run a full defrag on my entire HD at least once month. In fact Defraggler shows zero fragmentation.
I don't own "horrible cans" and headphones, like loudspeakers are only as good as the signal they're fed. I own modified HiFiMAN HE-400s and I dare anyone within the same price range to do better. These are also modded with sorbathane which was a 50% improvement. Like loudspeakers they are at the end of the day monitors just like the ones used in every recording studio. Look over my profile if you're interested in my gear.
What would you suggest for headphone auditioning? Binaural recordings are just too hard to come by. Rebecca Pigeon doing Spanish Harlem off the Chesky disc has been useful. Even without crossfeed that the Micro stack I've owned for 10 years provides. 
I find the entire record Aja by Steely Dan to really give your system a workout. Especially the title track. It's my turn-to music to judge the sound of any gear. Not my sole reason, but a big one because I've been listening to it since I was a teenager. When I took a course in an audio engineering our professor played this track to give us an idea of how good properly recorded and produced music can sound. This was before digital, or iTools, or motorized console faders on...
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