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What about Yes who epitomize prog?
Which loudspeakers?
If you're looking to replace your 'phones this is the best online site I've ever dealt with. I've never heard the 400S or 400i's. If your trouble shooting revels a defective driver these guys also do repairs. Contact Mike Olsen. Guy's a genius when it comes to repairs and modifications. Been doing business with them over 10 years without any problems.   https://www.headphone.com/collections/audiophile/products/hifiman-he-400s-planar-magnetic-headphone
The Basketball Diaries by the late, great, Jim Carroll.
Will these ******* earpads fit HE-400's or not?! Yes or no. Simple ******* question. I don't like to use profanity but let's quit screwing around with this simple question!!!
Hap and Leonard Mucho Mojo   by Joe R. Landale. Any of the Hap and Leonard books are great!
Go to HeadRoom (headphones.com). I've been doing business with then for over 10 years and they will set you up with what your looking for without draining your wallet.
Welcome all to our forum! I hope you can both learn and contribute!!
You mean LCD Earpads? First off they're $80. And they'll fit right on HiFiMAN HE-400's?
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