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Read 'em all my man. I also have a biography call Divine Invasion: A Life of Philip K. Dick by Lawrence Sultin. It's not easy to find.
Welcome to the forum. One bit of advice: Avoid "noise cancelling" headphones especially Bose. They're over priced junk. Most good sounding headphones are of an "open back" configuration. If ambient noise is problem, in-ear monitors are the way to go. Check out HeadRoom or Moon Audio if mail order is your preference. And a dedicated headphone amp is also a good idea. If computers are going to b your source, Foobar2000 is free and sounds great. And if your going to rip CD's...
You need to be a little more specific when it comes to "convent directory". What does that mean? These .wav files won't load in the DSP directory and all 4 .wav file make an annoying click when you try to load them in the main directory. My amp has a crossfeed circuit (HeadRoom Micro) done with op-amps and I've yet to hear any DSP come close. But you've peaked my curiosity even  it seems fraught with difficulties.
Jesca Hoop
  A Scanner Darkly by the late, great Philip K. Dick
I'm sure there are folks out there who have done this, but here goes. First go to FileHippo.com and download a program called Piriform Defraggler. It is a fully functional freeware program similar to, but I think superior to the program that comes with Windows. Install the program and it will show your HD and a bunch of other stuff. Click on analyze and let it's do it's thing. Don't worry if your HD has lots of fragmentation. You can deal with that later. This is for...
Feist-Let die recording
I meant HiFiMAN HE-400i.
HiFiMAN HE0400i
Jesca Hoop
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