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I really disagree with you here... The treble on the HD600 is better across the board than the DT250 for me; it isn't even close. As with most Beyerdynamic headphones, the treble on the DT250 is kind of peaky and the midrange is a lot lower than the treble level when compared to the HD600. The HD600 has more detail and flatter and more realistic treble in my opinion. The DT250 has more bass level overall and better bass extension than the HD600 because it is closed, but I...
The HD600 are better overall IMO, but the treble is more forward than with the DT250's so it can bring out annoying things in the recordings. The DT250's have a definite treble peak somewhere around 9-10khz that is noticeable, while the HD600 have pretty flat treble.
The HD600 don't really sound the same as the DT250; I don't know why people say they are like a closed HD600. Both are pretty neutral, but the DT250 has more bass and the treble is a bit lower in volume, as well as peakier and with different emphasis than the HD600. The HD600 sounds better with high quality recordings, but the DT250 sounds better with a wider range of music IMO.
Sorry I didn't see this until now. Basically, the HD600 have more bass rolloff than the  DT250 because they are open. The HD600 also has a different treble signature than the DT250, which has a lower treble level overall compared to the rest of the frequency spectrum. They really don't sound alike at all, at least not to me. Maybe people say they sound alike because they are comparing them to completely different headphones, but all of my headphones are fairly neutral so...
To me the DT250 has pretty strong sub bass, but I guess it depends what you are comparing it to. Also, different batches of these headphones sound incredibly different; the first pair I got had much different treble and sounded a bit more V shaped overall.
The DT250 has pretty well defined subbass, at least in the 250 ohm version.
I didn't expect anything from them; they were my first non cheap headphones a long time ago. To be fair I haven't owned anything in that price range since, but there are probably better options for not a lot more. I don't really care so much about absolute flatness in headphones as I care that the headphones sound realistic and natural. I have used headphones that simply don't render instruments or other audio realistically; cymbals don't sound like they should or vocals...
Nope, my headphones are HD600's, K702's, and DT250's, all of which are intended to be "flat" and "neutral," which is what I look for in a headphone (they all do this to varying degrees as nothing is really flat). For some reason, people describe the M50's, HD280's, and SRH 840's as "flat" or "neutral;" I have personally owned all 3 of them and I assure you that they sound absolutely nothing alike, and sound nothing like any of my other headphones which are also "neutral."...
I had a pair of HD280's for a number of years and I was pretty disappointed with their sound. Closed headphones in general tend to have a lot of issues with sound, regardless of brand. You either get something with weird treble, or you get boomy midbass.
Hmm might be interested in this, although it would be a 2ish hour drive for me.
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