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Or you could just read Headfonia's review of a ton of these type of headphones. He gives the edge to the V-Jays but it is very close.    Let me google that for you...
There's always the Aiaiai Tracks if you want something V-Jayish. They're in the same ballpark.I haven't bothered really comparing them, but Headfonia has. I like 'em both.
They were still made for the head of Roger the Alien, which makes them look silly out in public if you have a small to medium head. They absolutely could have done a better job with that and the cable.   But the sound? The sound is tops. Said with some Angels and Airwaves pumping through a total bithead. :)
Only I'm not a man. ;)   I'll probably give these a try at some point. What's the worst thing that happens? I like a sound signature better? I prefer the Beyers?  
Yeah their shipping charges suck for ordering small needful things that no one else has. But if you're buying a big heavy instrument, the shipping charges suddely become wonderful. You subsidize that guy who got his Fender jazz bass.
I'm kinda dreading if I eventually get these and like them. I'll no longer be able to use my expensive favorite bag. The Waterfield Muzetto is great for the t50ps plus my other stuff. It's a really thin bag though. No way they'd fit the TMAs. I'd have to go back to my Tom Bihn Imago messenger - which is the best messenger I've ever used but ugly as sin. :(   But I could order them and hate the loss of treble, so there's always that. :)
Thomann is usually pretty good about special orders, if the UK store won't do it for you. I only have experience buying guitar amps from them though.
LOL, it's funny because it's true, about the T50p. I have no quarrel with the sound, but they were made for Roger the Alien.   I got the TMA's little brother, the Tracks. If you need an open (it says closed, it leaks like it's open) small portable that doesn't suck but also looks pretty, get these. They're in the same ballpark as the V-Jays (which I always love).   Quote:
I bought the dt990 manufacture directly from them, and I'm in Finland. It's worth an email.
Yeah, thanks for telling me what I hear. I don't know how to decide for myself. Not everything is an argument. Welcome to the ignore list.   /Yay, head-fi no longer has standard forum software that allows for ignore lists anymore.   Ok, I'll phrase it another way. Please stop being so defensive and fight-picking in your posts, or you'll need to be reported. Like I said, you don't have to say everything with an attitude of "Defy me! I dare you!" - just say what...
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