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Yeah, you got me. Hopefully they'll get delivered today. They were supposed to come yesterday, but at the end of the day the status was refreshed to say that it was rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions. It's only adverse if they were driving off-road, or UPS doesn't use winter tires. The roads are clear. Just love UPS.   Update: They're here now, and the box is silently mocking me. Gotta wait until tomorrow night! But I feel like no matter the outcome, I've...
Yeah I just broke mine in with old fashioned music at normal to slightly higher volumes. Nothing my ears wouldn't handle. I just left them burning in for 10 days straight, listening to them when I had the chance. I agree, if they're going to break, they would have under normal use because they're meant to pump music through the drivers at human tolerances.   They fit my ears, but look silly on my head. I have little somethin' being delivered by Santa UPS that will...
Yeah, they're not supposed to rattle. But check to see if you can find any hair that might be touching the driver? I had that happen on a portable set of headphones the other day, and it was indeed a hair that was the culprit.
You sure do take things personally, Mr Junior Headfier with a post count of 4.   So what, I only looked at the Euro approximation. That's my great crime, I'm so sorry Mr. Junior Headfier with a post count of 4. Obviously this mortally insulted you. I shall leave the internet and go die in a fire now for such a grievous error, Mr. Junior Headfier with a post count of 4.   Jeez, calm down, no one cares who you buy the headphones from.
An entire €5 cheaper than buying directly from Aiaiai, who uses DHL overnight.
Chiming in here with a head that comes in a shade under size 7. (so usually order size 7) - so yeah, they could be too loose. With the T50p, I have to put it up above the highest rung, so that they are no longer able to swivel. And even then the headband doesn't shape to my head and look rather silly. At least they sound great.
Roger-roger.    Maybe one of these days I'll get to test them out, although I don't hear the "issues" others hear with the T50ps.  
I still don't really understand. You're saying that the HD25-1 looses isolation because of clamping force? This is a new theory, if that's what you're saying.   If you are saying that TMA-1 isolates better than the HD25-1, then how do you know this? From what I've read so far, it's unclear that you've ever heard both.   I'm not knocking the TMA-1s at all, it's just I don't like the spread of possible misinformation as fact.
LOL - yeah, that's the one I meant. Don't read what I say, read what I mean. :D   I'm gonna go listen to my supra-aural dt990s now. ;)
Are you sure? The clamping force of the HD25 is greater and they have been the kings of circumaural isolation for a very long time. I know you've read a lot but you've not compared both, as far as I'm aware. I've tried the HD25 and they're closer to the level of IEM than most headphones get in terms of isolation. (No, they're not at IEM level, but as headphones go, they climb closer to it.)   Maybe these isolate more, but I've not read anything that suggests it. My point...
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