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That was a great review! And pretty true to what I hear as well. They can do alright with some classical, but are better with more modern tracks. And those foam pads. I just loved them.... and then I pressed play. And if not for those dt250s, I'd have kept the T50ps. It was more about filling headphone niches when deciding what to keep.
Todd's site won't allow me to select USPS, and says the calculation is unknown. I'm not sure why, since plenty of websites allow USPS cost calculation for international shipping. So while it's there as an option, it's not selectable. I remember him being a really nice guy when I got the HF-1s so I'm sure it's just a case of having to email first.
Then the poll would be very long indeed.    Yeah I did love the flats, but it seems tougher to order than before. Todd's using UPS and can send them for the bargain price of over 100 bucks. I guess you have to email him before buying. I also used to experiment with the headphile C-pads but they were too big, I couldn't adjust the headband small enough so of course the sound suffered greatly.   Of course it's a moot point for me personally right now, because I ordered on...
Amen with a plagal cadence.   And the headphones are only good as what's driving them, kids!
Do I qualify? Anyone remember me? It's nice to see a thread with names I recognize. Yeah the place has changed. You can't find stuff anymore and people don't bother replying as well as they used to. Still though, I'll never suddenly think stock buds sound great, so that keeps me coming back as needed. It's nice to see some of the old gang.    And where is Tuberoller?
While I wait for my incoming ms-1i, back in the day, headfiers were pretty happy with the TTVJ flats. There were lots of Grado mods, but those were very popular more or less across the board for stock Grado/Alessandros. Times have changed though, maybe having something to do with the i updates, and I'm noticing lots more seem to be enjoying the bowls again, or revisiting the HD414 pads.   There are a gazillion threads about Grado pads, but no really updated...
I can't believe that with as active as this forum is, no one has time to notice a good review when they see one. Great review, and welcome to the world of Grado, where the people start thinking of mods before they even get the headphones. 
  And here I was hoping to lay low for a bit. I guess I gotta add these to the wishlist... I may have sold the T50p but that doesn't mean I didn't like 'em. Darnnit.   And Skylab, I hear ya about the 80ohm, but then there's the 129db.. you try to figure out what Beyer is doing and then they go and pull a fast one on you. Like when they accidentally made the dt531s so good.
So anyone seen the new dt1350? The word in that thread is that the headband is smaller.
Well frak, there's goes my "No headphones for a while" plan. I gotta keep an eye on these. Smaller headband = yes please, I'm not Roger the Alien!
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