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I can't seem to find them anywhere, but I do keep looking.
Wow! Why don't they just call this what it is: The t50p: We fixed it!   ... potentially.
I have some friends that went to NAMM and they were saying you couldn't hear anything in there. Maybe if these give any sound at all in that setting, it's a plus. I eagerly await the team Beyer guys to get their hands on these.
What was the $350 portable that didn't sound good? And do you know how many portables Beyer has made that do sound good?    As for the made in China thing, I think it's that people don't qualify what they mean. Maybe they're xenophobes, or maybe it's just that they's concerned about exploitation and zero quality control. But yeah, it's not all exploitation for the cheapest price. I know some music instrument manufacturers there who are pretty darn great and treat...
For sitting down for critical listening, this sounds awful.    For being out and about and enjoying the tunes, this sounds wonderful. One of these days I'll have to give them a go.
Because hey why not? Hopefully one of the Beyer online stores in the UK will start carrying them. I agree about Finland, it's pretty much the last on the list for the good stuff.
Anyone else have the problem that their local Apple store websites aren't selling these anymore? Apple Finland has always been a bit Fail with a capital F. I guess when the time comes I'll have to beg one of the audio stores to order. What a pain. 
I agree. They're pretty cool. They're pretty, and they sound pretty (dark). They're not perfect though. I think they deserve to be rated, but they are overrated by some who probably haven't heard much else. When they learn of other headphones, they move on to the next big thing. It's the nature of Headfi nowadays. People use it as less as a community and more of a resource.    I like the headphones. I kept them over my beloved t50ps. But are they worth lots of hyping...
That review describes everything that I feel is important in a portable headphone, not an indoor headphone, but in an out-and-about headphone. Why do I think I'll be giving these a try one of these days.
I just got mine direct from Aiaiai along with the shorter cable. That may or may not suit you depending on your location.
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