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Yeah people want to always underpower headphones and wonder why they sound bad. You can easily get enough volume even from the 600ohm dt990s with a basic amp, but will it sound what it could? Nooooo. Also, the pads make a difference. If bass is your thing, stick with the leather pads (assuming there's the ones with the holes in the back). If bass is your thing, but so are other parts of the spectrum, stick with velours.   I'm thinking of gettings Denons myself to mix...
It's not stupid, the portapros are better, if open versus closed is no object. I'm basing that off the 25th ann. ltd. portas, which some say are different. It's been too long from having the old portas to these for me to say though. It's safe to say there's not much difference at any rate.   My start with the dtx300 was rocky tonight. I had the problem reported earlier of fit. The headband is slim in fit and flat on top, and the cups don't have enough swivel in the...
I read Headroom's summary, but when it comes to powering a headphone, they always give the same basic replies. What they say is totally common sense and understandable of course, but I was just looking for real world opinions, as one does on a forum.   Thanks for the avguide links. Since the reception in here is otherwise chilly, I'll go figure it out on my own.  
What's better? Making the same frakking thread asking the same frakking question? And can I point out that if no one replied then the thread would sink, and threads are impossible to search nowadays and once they sink that's it? Thanks to the new forum software that totally encourages the usage of this forum as more of a resource and less of a community? Do go away if you have nothing better to contribute.   Backseat Moderating: Not Cool.      
I'll throw my hat into this thread, since head-fi is so impossible to search these days and the community doesn't discuss things so much anymore, so finding current opinions is tough...   I'm pretty sure my main rig of NAD C542, Corda HA-mkII SE can power any of this lineup to sound nice. My conundrum comes in with this: sometimes I might want my macbook and total bithead to drive them. I'm trying to find the best of these three to be powered and enjoyable on both...
I just got a call from DPD about a package coming tomorrow. It's probably the Beyers. :) (But it could be something else)
Yeah it seems I've bought them. When they'll be sent, I couldn't tell ya. :/
I've lived outside the US long enough that my family is over me sending stuff to them to be sent to me. Money isn't the issue. I just annoy them a bit. But as for HF-2's, I don't see them on his site and the last batch went out years ago I thought. Huh?    
I like how nowadays on head-fi, now that it's treated more as a resource and less as a community, people can get away with saying stuff like this, and no one will question if the poster has actually heard either headphone.   M00hk00h, thanks for your impressions though! It sounds like a t50p problem - great if it fits. Something at Beyer isn't what it was when it comes to these things anymore. IF I ordered them, then I hope they fit.  
Well, did I order them or not? I'm not sure. The first time I tried, I got all the way to filling the billing address details when it emptied the cart. So I tried again, and this time I got to the payment system, entered my details, then there was a final confirmation window where you type your email address to get payment confirmation. I was typing that when the page redirected back to the still-full shopping cart. I got a confirmation of an order, but not of my...
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