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The biggest one, and it's not true of all Beyers IMO, but some, is the extra ohms. I don't know, maybe that would annoy me more if I didn't have a Corda amp the 120 ohm output option staring me right in the face an no more difficult to plug into.   That really bloats up many headphones, but when it works, it works. With the T5p, it changes the entire character. It has to be what the headphone was intended to be on a more powerful source. But by the same token I think...
I'm not seeing an edit button anymore, so I can't add the dt770 pro to that post.
Let's see, my first taste of a grown up headphone was the old 600 ohm dt990, the one with the plastic and cloth headband. Then I had the dt990 pros, dt880, dt531, dt250/80 (the unsung hero), the dt990 600 ohm Manufaktur, the t50p, and now I'm on the t5p. Those "Beyer is team treble" people don't know how to pair them with a decent source IMHO.
I have me a nice hat collection, and I'd bet that there would absolutely be a t80/t90. They wouldn't refresh just one headphone of the range. The fun part comes when overlapping generations are on the market and who knows what they'd rather get. Then you have the 600 ohm option. For some while after the 2005 refresh, 600 ohms was available only as a manufaktur option. Will the t70/80/90 see the same thing or not? Questions questions..
I don't post so much anymore, but I read some stuff about the t5p that doesn't exactly fit the full picture - it's not wrong, but just not the full picture. And it's gotten this long post working around in my head that is going to have to burst itself out onto a new thread at some point. I just don't want it to be a wall of text that will only be skimmed anyway, and I don't want it to sound defensive because I think those negative things said are valid, it just...
Umm, I don't get it. Why can't the dt series get refreshes with newer technology? Why isn't that allowed? It doesn't make sense...   And the t50p and dt1350 are much much more portable, being on-ear.   I think the t5p is getting its numbering from the old dt5xx series personally. That was always the next-step down from flagship models, historically.
Good ole Jan, he says as much and why that could possibly be, right here.
Well it's not like I'm the one who made them, you don't have to blame me for plugging into the 120ohm out to see what happens. Beyer's own amp isn't exactly a 0 ohm headphone out.   The paradox is that from an iPhone they sound fine too. But plugging into a bigger source I guess reveals brightness that wasn't intended for 0 ohm. That might change with some burn in or it might not. It doesn't really matter to me as long as they sound good with my stuff.  
That's my thinking, it's a refresh of the entire line. Remember the last time during the refresh when both lines did overlap, the pro, the non-pro, and then 2005 edition all out there at the same time. It smells like the same thing here.
Plug in unburned in t5p's into a 120ohm headphone out jack, and it's no longer bright at all. ;) Sorta like the old days with the dt831 and 931.
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