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      more importantly how does it compare with other amps for K1K? is there a review on it driving the K1000? you can preamp it with the little dot IV tubes, might be a nice combo.  
there are things that EQ just cant fix. like soundstage, clarity and presentation (ie. warmth, depth, tube like sound). imo EQ should be used in conjunction with your hardware to get the most out of the sound your striving for. but spending $400-$500 on a cable just to improve the bass is silly.
Quote: Originally Posted by swt61 No, I think I understood it correctly. you obviously didnt. how does putting up ppls hope of a better headphone = putting down $500 and buying it now? am i wrong to assume his put up this heading and thread to hype this new toy? Quote: Originally Posted by swt61 Maybe because the two headphones share a similar design philosophy? Maybe because this is a headphone forum, and we like to compare...
Quote: Originally Posted by swt61 So you're saying that some people who are too lazy to read through the thread might leap to the purchase of a product valued at $500.00, and 003 is to blame for that. Get real! i think you missed what i said so i;ve highlighted in bold. Quote: Originally Posted by Firevortex This thread has already misled so many ppl who don’t bother to read all the posts with the hope of owning a new cream...
Quote: Originally Posted by 003 Well that sure is interesting. All the other reviews I've managed to track down were quite good. When they arrive, I will settle this once and for all well, how can we trust your review wont be bias after posting such tread? Obviously it doesn’t take a genius to figure out your super hyped about this headphone. why dont you just compare it with something your listening to atm and see if its worth even comparing it...
great to deal with again. Charlie bought my ER4s. hassle free.
SOLD up for sale is a pair of ER4s in its orginal packaging. Its in mint condition. i personally only used it 4 times during my trip overseas last year mainly on the plane. comes with 3 triflange tips only one are used, also come with 3 foam tips which was never used. all the accessories are included. selling due to not using it much. wearing a IEM in the office is just a bad idea :P. i'll let it go for $149USD or $165AUD shipped with paypal included for local...
If you go for a T amp dont over look the KingRex stack. it recieved the blue moon award for each module. so 3 bluemoon awards for this amp, they musta have done something right! you can read the indepth review here http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/kingrex2/u.html beats the T-Sonics, Trend TA hands down.
sounds like a fun day. always wanted to hear a w5000. i'm sure it sounds awesome with the yamamoto amp. sucks that i cant wear a closed headphone for extended period of time (over 30mins) with out steaming my ears :P. looks like my k1000 should have better amp and cables ready for the next meet
new k1000 killer? did sony ever made a k1000 killer? not even Orpheus system can beat a well amped K1000 system hands down so why make such an assumption? i know your excited about this new headphone but making such wild claims when its not even released is obviously a attempt to stir the pot.
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