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Thanks - I just remembered that I'd done exactly this before, I just ended up fishing out the mic from my old headphones and using that, all sorted perfectly now, pretty much exactly as your pic.Semi-related question:Any ideas on where I should begin to look to get the headphones working for my phone, with a mic in-cable? For some reason my phone likes to turn on noise cancellation when I plug in my headphones, and that would be fine if I was close mic'd, but it doesn't...
Can you elaborate a bit more about the mic? I'm looking to do something similar.
I recently bought the 669s, and just wrote my review. Thought I'd post it here, as I haven't seen much about the 699s elsewhere.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/superlux-hd669/reviews/10625
I think you're saying that works in the end - great!I have to say that I'm using jiteepee's now, it's got a lot more control and the visual element to the EQ is very helpeful, especially the loading image feature, that's super useful.
I don't think this has already been posted - I found a very simple GUI for EQ/APO here: http://linge-ma.ws/equalizer-apo-config-gui/ works very nicely and is extremely simple to use, but a bit lacking in features. I'm going to give jiteepee's a go too, plus any others I find.
I can't for the life of my find the 662B listed anywhere for sale here in the UK. I can find the 662 and the 662F, but no 662B.As I said in my previous post, I've been considering the 669s. Any pros/cons with those that you know of?
How much larger? Too large to warrant carrying about?I have a bit of a thing about IEMs, I really don't like them.The other option I've been considering is the Phillips Uptown.Also been looking at the Superlux 669 series. Much better isolators and I can use EQ to boost the bass slightly.If you like, here is my thread about What I'm looking for:http://www.head-fi.org/t/708044/hello-new-arrival-looking-for-new-headphones#post_10322172
Heya I'm currently looking to buy my first entry-level headphones, and I really like the design of the Superlux. However, I'm struggling to find which model will suit me better. Sound wise, the HD-681 EVOs appear to be best for what I want - smooth overall, but with a subtle boost towards the low end and bass frequencies. The problem with them is that all the reviews are saying their isolation is not good. I will mostly be using them whilst working in the library, or...
I just looked them up, they look okay and as you say, fulfill all my needs. They are currently on Amazon for £54 too. The one thing I'm insure about on these is the cable. From the review here on head-fi and the reviews on Amazon and those elsewhere, it seems the quality if the cable really is a let down compared to the quality if the rest of the build. Seeing as I'm going to be carrying these around a lot, I'm wondering if I should look for something more robust. Then...
Heya everyone! Apologies in advance for the wall of text. I've been lurking the forums and reading all the guides on the site a lot over the past few days. Some great information here, it's really useful to a head-fi newbie like myself. I thought it was about time I joined and actually started interacting with everyone, rather than just sneakily watching and reading!   I'm currently looking to buy my first entry-level semi-decent set of headphones. However, I have quite...
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