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If anyone is looking to buy the Burson Conductor for a good price please message me. Thanks.
Does anyone know if these speakers will work well with a Burson Conductor amp?
Impressions compared to the stock cable?
Has anyone tried the HD800 with a DHC Complement2 Cable?
I'm selling my 1 month old Burson Conductor with the new CM6631A usb module preinstalled for a reasonable price.   Please pm me for details.
My dream headphones other than the Stax Sr-009. I'm still a college student so I can only keep dreaming.  
The HD800 sounds fun to me especially with the Conductor because the Conductor presents the music in front of your face and brings out a lot of energy. It's just the sibilance ruins the fun sometimes and I have to turn the volume down a little.  
Thanks! That's why I got an Audeze headphone. Much better synergy with the Conductor! My HD800 is still collecting dust until I can get a good tube amp for it.  
I got the Venom 18 AWG pure OCC silver cables for Audeze headphones from a fellow head-fier. Truly amazing set of cables!
I still find the HD800 very bright no matter how long the Conductor stays on. =/
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