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High tone in similar proportions, but:  HD 540 clear but more dry, better oriented in space  HD 530 dark but less dry, less localized (more at the middle of the head) 
HD 530 II are very good. Excellent for vocal music (better than HD 540 I). They have a beautiful, accurate and natural mids, but they lack bass and lower speed. Drums is "a paper", "drowsy / sleepy" lacks the energy, tempo and  lower of bass  HD 540 I are much faster, have powerful lower end bass and "kick". The bass is more rich in color. Snare, foot percussion sound natural, dynamic, fast with the pace. HD 540 and have more air, better space, are more versatile. HD 540...
    Queue ... and it's not the end 
I have HD 540 and HD 530 II.In my opinion, HD 540 I are better. 
 Yes, I listened to the version 600 Ohm
Thanks Hairspray.  I like to take pictures  
The third place for ... HD 560 Ovation earpads-Small stage, poor location, nice vocals (a little sweet), weak bass.    The second place for ... HD 250 Linear earpads-Improved scene, accurate location, slim / revoked but nice vocals, strong bass sometimes a little uncontrolled in the lower range.    And... ladies and gentlemen!... the winner is ... the HD 540 I original earpads-great scene, great location, nice vocals, powerful bass, the lower registers also...
The three musketeers... HD540I with HD540 original earpads, with HD 560 Ovation earpads and with HD 250 Linear earpads !!!  Which is the best?   
Philips CD 650 it's exactly the same inside like Marantz CD94, very good CD player with a beautiful analog sound!  
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