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Low impedance ... use 'on-the-go' for 'workout's and 'adventure', even from your smartphone. What's the problem what that? 
The smell will go away in around a month, no worries! I like the smell tho actually ROFL
 Regarding your edit - that's exactly what I thought! If you use more versatile equalisers instead of the simple treble booster, such as an independent equaliser app or computer program, I assure you that they sound really, really good for the money. The drivers are super versatile. If only Westone tweaked them not for the 'outdoor, adventure' market and for the audiophile market, i.e. with a more neutral sound signature, or even a V shaped one with increased treble, they...
If the K545 are similar to the K550, then I would urge you to try them all first before buying them. As much as I love my K550, I don't think I would be happy with them if I listened on the go.    On the go, I'd opt for a more 'fun' sound than the whole analytical, flat, 'reference' signature. Because when I'm on the go I wouldn't be completely idle - maybe I'd enjoy the scenery on the bus ride, or read a book, or play with my iPhone. I wouldn't be completely focused on...
I badly want the HD650 as kind of an end-game setup for some time to come ... And you are considering it for an intro headphone. Lucky! 
How did you make an O2 stack like that? I don't get it! And I love the 90 degree jack for the power switch! 
 The small earcups are what put me off getting the Momentums. Totally agree with you on that.    Dude they're soooooo nice! Like the post above asks, are there any audible differences? Very nice work done I don't see any trace of work done on it at all - it's like it was designed with the removable cable jack! 
That is such a bargain ... I bought it at almost full price like a year ago.   Again, do try out EQing on this earphone. It works really well. 
I'm pretty sure it's just the different photos ... there are no different colors offered ... 
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