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So is it a good thing if the IE800's impedance graph is flatter?  I was thinking that maybe if there is no variation in impedance level throughout the spectrum, it would be easier for the driver to move much more smoothly.
I've been thinking on getting one of these In-ear monitors, but since they are almost the same price, I was wondering which has better price-to-performance ratio.  The genres I listen to are Electro, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Chillstep, Classical, Pop, and pretty much almost every genre out there.  However, I also may want a little more bass while still keeping balance throughout the sound spectrum.
So how does the PX-200 II compare to the PX-100 II in terms of sound quality?
Do these sound better than the current Bose OE2 on-ear headphones?
Based on my experience, I found everything throughout the sound spectrum to be balanced, so I don't think I noticed any difference in performance between the vocals and the instruments.  Well, probably because I used an EQ... At the same time, wrapping the cable around my ear really helped me get rid of the microphonics.  It may be an issue though, because the cable might feel shorter for some people.
That's strange, I didn't find the mids recessed at all.  In fact, I found the lows, mids, highs all balanced throughout the spectrum, although I found the treble a little intense.  I can say that based on my experience, I found the IE800 to have the largest soundstage that I've ever found in an IEM.  It pretty much completely blew my IE80s out of the water in soundstage.  However, while you can't comment on the IE800, I can't comment on the HD800. 
 Wait, I thought that the LG G2 and the Nexus 5 had the same DAC?  It was said to be implemented in the Snapdragon 800 processor.  Anyway, do you find the Nexus 5 sound quality decent nonetheless even if there are better smartphones in sound?
What other smart phones have superior sound quality to the Nexus 5, and which ones are inferior?
I haven't heard any popping noises with my IE800 for the Nexus 5 (sounds like that are pretty much nonexistent), so it could be the cause of the source player itself.
Holy s***...So, what hardware does it have that makes it so good at distributing sound quality?
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