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I'm really exited about getting the x1 people that buy high end headphones even enjoy them so the experience should be fun when I get them. And I don't listen to metal that much so it shouldn't be a problem for me.
Thank you that's all I wanted to hear so now I feel confident about getting the x1 :)
After some careful consideration I think I will buy the Philips Fidelio x1. Because they have everything in a headphone I could ask for but maybe next time I will purchase the q701. The x1 are comfortable looking, have good bass, tilted drivers, moderate impedance and are made with excellent  materials. But I REALLY need to know how far apart in sound quality are the x1 and Samson sr850 so can someone please give a comparison. I don't care how you compare them just do it...
Thank you I'll do that but for now my money's on the q701 because I also plan to use these at school in music class with my electronic keyboard and with fl studio in the future. So I will need professional or something that comes close type of headphones. But for the most part I just want to enjoy my music so the he400 sounds more like a winner for me and people say they are not hard to drive.
Yes I just looked it up sorry my mistake. So I'll be honest I don't know much about decibels in sound pressure level so can we just get back to the headphones please. I think I will go with the q701 because I only want to spend around 200 and on amazon its 200$ but the he400 are very tempting too. So I do want good bass and with that said the he400 looks like my best choice
I don't know really know how to point out volume from decibels of sound pressure level lol
I mean that I like listening to my music at loud volumes to get a real kick from the dubstep I like. The he400 are planar magnetic so I've heard they need a lot of power and I don't plan on getting an additional amps to go with them.
The he400 was my third choice but I need to know if my fiio e18 will drive them to defining levels?
Sounds awesome so I guess I'll go with the q701 and just use bass boost on my fiio e18 and the music app I'm using called maven. Although I really like how the x1's look but I'm willing to sacrifice looks for sound.  But I need to know how the Samson sr850 compare to the q701 in terms of bass, mids, high etc also I don't like harsh treble so will the q701 have crisp treble?
I need help choosing between the Philips Fidelio x1 and Q701 headphones. My budget is 300 so if you can recommend an alternative please do. I've been using my fiio e18 with my tablet playing 320 kbps music with my Samson sr850 and I'm looking to upgrade to more refined headphones. I listen to mostly dubstep j rock and classical music so I want a headphone with good bass but not overpowering muddy or quantity wise bass. I need quality bass with a good rumble when I turn up...
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