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I know this is off topic but could someone explain to me how the dt770 pro 250 ohm have such a large soundstage for a closed headphone. Also why are they so dark sounding? Compared to most other headphones I've listened to the dt770s have a richly detailed but dark sound signature.  Because I purchased the beyerdynamic dt770s and I got to listen to the q701s I've made up my mind to just keep these and buy the Phillips later on with a powerful amp for the 770s. But I hope...
You should they have every gadget and headphone imaginable. But they didn't have the hifimans or staxs headphones(cries) but you will enjoy every second just as i did. 
So I recently visited the B&H store and they had almost every headphone on head fi (wow) I got to try the sennheiser hd800 and akg k701and fostex headphones with a few others. Honestly the difference between my old Samson sr850 and all those is not night and day but perhaps just a different sound characteristic. The sennheiser hd800 have a extremely large soundstage which didn't surprise me at all but it was extremely comfortable to wear on my head.  The 701s had a very...
Nah I take extreme care of my electronics. Almost to the point of it being unhealthy so I think its OK. I even clean them with a dust tool and alcohol to make them stay shiny. And I mean the type of alcohol you get from the convenience store
I have to constantly tell this guy at my school which could afford 10 sennheiser h800s and the amps that beats are fake HiFi marketing headphones yet he says they are good because they are made out of metal.SO basically any headphone made with plastic in his opinion is bad hahhaaha. But I still think the q701 could use less plastic if they are to last?
Yes but if your me and go to school with a rich kid that thinks beats by dre pros, you know the ones made out of metal. Are better because they are made of metal I think at least a little metal material would make them more appropriate not that it matters because sound quality is what matters :) 
Lol 400 for an old headphone that's made mostly of plastic when the 300 x1 are all metal and leather?
Alright let's have a look.
Lol your not making this easy on my wallet hahaha.
OK so I have decided  to buy both the x1 and q701 headphones. But before I do that I need the experienced audiophiles on this site to do some research on the fiio e18 to see if it will drive them to reasonably loud volume levels. And when I say loud I mean loud enough to give you hearing loss after a couple of hours loud. So listen carefully please my Samson sr850s are falling apart and I need some new cans to enjoy my music. Of course I will buy the q701s first and the x1...
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